Why it is wrong to litter

Isn’t littering good for the eniviroment?

What if the litterbugs litter because they were sexually abused, and they feel the need to dominate something?

Pardon me hijacking a parody thread onto it’s alleged topic, but this just reminded me of something so I’ll tell it. I was at the zoo in Washington DC once and was walking around with my son. A boy ahead of me, I’d say about age 9 or 11throws a paper cup on the ground. I picked it up and tapped him on the shoulder and said “excuse me, you dropped this” figuring that at least maybe I’d embarrass him and maybe in the future he at least wouldn’t litter while people were watching (yeah I know, this isn’t Mayberry, I should have known better)… well I totally didn’t expect what happened next. His MOTHER totally flipped out on me. Now this was a Big Woman. She started going totally OFF on me, SCREAMING at me how dare I touch her child and blah blah blah. Well I tried to give her the cup at that point, saying that he had thrown it on the ground. “No he did not! And if he did so what!” on and on. At this point a small crowd had gathered and I was feeling very out of place… and please don’t take this as racist but almost everyone around was black (including the family in question) and I have a paranoia anyway that people will think I’m being racist* So not only was I totally getting screamed at by this totally out of control and irate woman, I was really scared that someone was going to accuse me of being a white person picking on “some black kid”… gah it was horrible.

*I never was before the one semester of high school that I lived in Florida. That school freaked me out completely. The black student’s lockers were all in one place, and there were a large number of white students that would shout racist things into that area. There was a neighborhood across the street from the school that had a really rude nickname because of the high black population. A friend of mine was dating a black guy and was regularly chased around and taunted… Anyway one day after school I was with a couple of people I considered to be friends and I made a remark about how I envied this other girl’s figure. My “friend” then popped out with what may as well have been an extra head and several tentacles for how much it shocked me. “Oh, don’t be jealous of her. She’s a nigger lover.” AAAAHHH!!! In that area, it was just assumed that if you were white, you felt that way. The ones who didn’t were the ones who were singled out. Ever since then I’ve had an absolute paranoia that people might think that I’m a racist.
Anyway, children who litter might bite other children, so I tend to agree with the OP. Or something. I didn’t really read all of that other thread, sorry.

Opal, I’m glad you are trying to amend for your littering ways. I am just disappointed that you and the little boy had such a litter orgy, but it seems you have made steps in the right direction.

And now I feel it is time to apologize…
All, I am sorry for burdening you with yet another thread dedicated to stamping out litter. I felt I could teach you all a little something; perhaps I still can.

I am sorry I let my divine mission get sidetracked by legitimate questions… err strike that… low functioning litterbugs.
I am sorry I used the words nsync and orangutans- even though you all now damn well I was making perfect sense and clarified my statements to suit your stunted intellects.

It was when my personal and inflammatory histrionics failed to convince you that I really screwed up. I should have just ignored legitimate questions, because that is much easier than having a conniption. But I choose to turn the histrionics dial to eleven.

I suppose I could have used cites to aid my argument, but my logic was unassailable, so why bother?

So in the interest of keeping the peace and assuring I don’t have to prop up my arguments with further slander and hysterics, I am asking that this thread be closed. Note that this is not a sign of weakness or guilt, it is just another way of winning the debate. If I should take my crusade on the road and hijack other threads with backhanded attacks and accusations, I’ll thank you not to call me on it. It’s all for the greater good.

Thank you, god bless, and fuck off you littering scum.