Little Billy in the leaf filled sack

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time:

Little Billy in the sack

Not getting the link to work, Late.

Try this one, Bunny:

Little Billy

Thanks, LateComer and Crunchy Frog,

That was funny!

  • My nine-year-old son and I are planning to make a scarecrow this week; maybe we’ll name it “Little Billy”:smiley:
    (we always stuff our scarecrows with leaves).

I don’t know what the little punk is complaining about. Everyone knows that you should quit while you’re a head :rimshot:

Thats freakin funny. I sent that to everyone I know!

I didn’t do much to fight ignorance did I?

Once upon a time a lot of my email buddies sent me glurge. When I sent them the Snopes link and explained they were stupid (in a nice way, of course) I also sent the ‘Little Billy’ story along with my response. They no longer send me glurge. Therefore I love that thing :slight_smile:

I try to send the little billy thing with all my snopes/SD debunking linkages to add a touch of humor and keep people from hating me, as they inevitably do, for crushing their pitiful, little, ignorant worlds…

Hey - in the office we were collecting pulltabs for this kid!!!

I thought this thread was going to be about the kid whose mother ran over his head when he hid in a pile of leaves. (I didn’t see the news report; I just heard it. Apparently it happened the day before yesterday.) Since the ground was very soft, he came away with only bruises.

Mom drives over leaves hiding son; he survives

heh heh … I sent this out to a bunch of people one time, and got an angry note back from one of them saying something like, oh come on, do you really think a boy could survive with just a bag of leaves for a body?

I probably should have been insulted that they had such a low opinion of my intelligence, but at the time it just made it even funnier. :smiley: