Little Britain... am i missing something?

Is anyone else watching this on HBO? i’ve caught every episode and while its mildly amusing every single episode simply repeats the same damn jokes! You can’t even call them “recurring characters” its basically just the same sketches repeated over and over again. The life and times of Tim on the other hand is freaking hilarious, i have to watch the same episode at least three times to catch everything i missed from laughing too hard.

I’m a massive massive British comedy fan, and I’m absolutely baffled by the popularity of this show. I cannot stand it, for exactly the reasons you give. They don’t write humor, they write catch phrases and repeat them ad nauseum. Terrible show. It the British equivalent of Mad TV.

Having seen all of the UK Little britains, Little Britain USA is way way down on the quality scale in comparison.

Many Brits (including my Brother) don’t get the show. I guess you have to have a very particular kind of sense of humour.

Little Britain is bloody awful. I can happily watch a range of types of comedy, but it’s just Hale & Pace with more gross-out gags.

That’s unfair. Hale & Pace were once funny, something Lucas & Walliams have never been.

Yeah, Little Britain has been promoted and promoted way beyond what it merits. It’s like everybody’s looking around and wondering who it is who actually likes this show. I think the BBC got a bit starry eyed when it won a couple of awards, forgetting that there are approximately eight hundred award shows per year these days.
Little Britain is just a handful of good ideas among a load of cruft, spun out into a whole series.

Computer says no.

Brit checking in that could never really understand its popularity either.

I love British humor and I love HBO shows. I could only get through 1.5 episodes of Little Britain. It’s awful.

You’re properly calibrated; it sucks balls.

Shame, HBO. Shame!

I found when watching a single episode of this show it looks like rubbish.
But watching 2 or 3, i think the “appeal” is that it’s the same joke over and over. (and it’s only slightly less rubbish)
It’s kind of like seeing a clown walk slowly across a stage with a banana on it. You know he’s going to slip, but it’s still supposed to be funny when he does.

I absolutely loved Little Britain… I am totally amazed at how the new version is watered down…

The Gay assistant to the Prime Minister was wonderful… Turning the character into a Gay Prime Minister is just ridiculous

The other imported characters are mildly amusing… but that’s about it…

I’d like to see the BBC adapt The CBC’s Trailer Park Boys, maybe some boys in the Western Country. Then I’d like it to move in a Generally easterly direction to Western Australia and finally end up in Middle America.

British guy here - I think it’s fucking crap.

Many Americans seem to like Ab Fab, which I loathe.

Watch Peep Show!

I hate Little Britain, too. It’s not funny in the slightest.

I think Little Britain is okay, but I was never in love with it or anything mainly due to its repetitive nature. It really is the same joke repeated over and over again. When it was at the height of its popularity a few years ago people were constantly dropping the catch phrases into conversations and I often wondered if talking about Little Britain was actually a better experience than watching it.

Maybe I am getting old, because I don’t find it funnny.

You see part of one sketch in isolation in a trailer and it look like it might be amusing, but it turns out not.

Whenever I see the best of clips I think they’re preety funny but a whole half hour show is too much. Not enough good material to stretch. I’m British btw.

The only British sitcom I’ve enjoyed recently was No Heroics (hidden away on ITV2), a sarcastic take on superheroes. It seems to have been loathed by most reviewers.

I’m quite looking forward to Dead Set (the very gory Big Brother/Dawn Of The Dead parody starting next week) but suspect I’ll be hiding behind the sofa for it.

::coughs in face:::