Little corns

What are these “little corns” we find at salad bars and even in Chinese food sometimes? Are they a genetic invention? I never remember seeing such things until circa 1985ish(???). I’d find it hard to believe that they ARE actually little ears of undeveloped corn. I mean, would you eat the little beginnings of a peach, for example?

{I guess I can accept baby carrots, but I wouldn’t expect them to have much flavor so young.} Any horticulture experts?

Hi Jinx! (I just wanted to say that.)
I think I read somewhere (possibly on TSD) that baby corn is actually… baby corn!

This link is for a Mailbag Answers Forum thread from last year, which putatively discussed an answer by SDSAB member Melis that referenced the issue of baby corn. I can’t get the archives to divulge the mailbag article in question, however. Further, despite the fact I can’t get the MB search function to show it, I swear we discussed this in a thread recently on GQ, concluding that baby corn is just that, small corn.

Baby corn varieties and planting data.
Baby corn and more than you’ll ever want to know.

Thanks to all! It just didn’t seem to be true. (How tall are the cornstalks?)