Little kids discover Boobies

Cute photos of kids and boobies. Disclaimer: all boobs are covered with fabric. No nudity here.

That 2nd pic of the baby boy checking out the Hooters girl had me laughing for 5 minutes. Even baby boys like tits. :stuck_out_tongue: I bet he’ll grow up and work for Playboy.

I’m wondering if the younger kids (under 3) were eying a potential milk source rather than the attractiveness of the breast?

Pretty sure the other kids (I think they all were under 8) were just being curious boys. Not anything sexual, I think they were just curious about the bumps under the ladies shirt. :smiley: They do make convenient handles for kids that young.

I recall my wife flashed half a restaurant one night when our young daughter pulled a little hard on her blouse. Those things happen with kids.

I dunno, the kid at the stadium and the second kid at Hooters seemed to know what’s up :D. Personally, I distinctly remember a substitute teacher from first grade (I was 6-8 yo?) who would wear tops slightly looser than they should have been, and who wasn’t particularly careful about bending over when she read from material on the desk. I sat in the front row and was definitely mesmerized by the display. I didn’t know what I was feeling at the time, but I knew I liked what I saw :wink:

My friend’s toddler boy bit the hell out of my breast through my shirt once. I was seriously hoping my boyfriend wouldn’t see the mark, because that does kind of sound like an excuse and a creepy one at that.

Um, I don’t think little kids have to discover that they like tits. It is more like adults (adult males, anyway) haven’t entirely forgotten how good they were when we were little.

The first photo, and other pics of kids with hands down the mothers/ladies tops don’t surprise me - my daughter regularly does that too at nearly 2 years old, partly to warm her hands, partly to hang on when she’s being carried. No big deal!

At the bottom of that page is this wonderful story of Butt Implants Gone Wrong, which I frankly find hard to believe.:

1.) Looking at the last photo, it’s mot clear that the implant is a really good idea in the first place

2.) In accordance with the well-known rule, even this implant-gone-wrong will undoubtedly turn someone on.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t resist clicking that link!

As for the linked article, it kind of annoys me that it trades on the “Boobs are for sex only!” cultural convention. Breastfed kids especially will try to use mom’s rack as a “blankie” when they need reassurance, are tired, and so on. No big deal.

That however, did not stop me from laughing at the Jasmine picture and the one captioned, “I think I dropped my keys down there.”

From what I understand by reading the opinions of some folks across the pond, The Daily Mail is slightly less reputable than The Onion as a trusted news source. Fox blows them out of the water with their journalistic integrity.