Little Leather Library

I am looking for information about the Little Leather Library out of NY between 1915 and 1923. So far I’ve found out that these tiny leather bound books were sold in sets of thirty for $2.98 cents, but I’m having trouble finding out if there are collectors of these books today.

I know we’ve got book enthusiasts around here and publishers and authors too, so if anyone could give me some info I’d appreciate it.

Thanks guys

In case you are still interested try;

I have some of these myself and looked into their value last year some times. While many people are selling them for high prices, no one is buying them for those prices, nor are they valued as high as people would like them to be.

One of the sites I looked at said they were also available as free gifts from National Geographic and there are Green, Red, Blue and Brown sets of the little buggers.

Thanks for the info so far.

Does anyone happen to know anything further about the publication of these books and whether they were all green leather or there were different versions?

Also, I’m not really sure how to tell what year mine were published, because I can’t find any dates in them.

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The Tinytown Branch of the SadoMasochist’s Book Repository?

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I assume this was reopened by a disappeared spammer. But just for fun, there’s lots of information about the Little Leather Library today.

Pictures of titles, showing a variety of colors.