Little Liechtenstein gets a bit bigger


When you’re that small I suppose every little bit helps.

When are those folks gonna start an undeground city? Only practicle choice, really…

That’s a .3 percent growth rate! We better keep our eye on these guys! Next thing you know, they’re gonna anex New Jersey!


Those imperialist pigs in Switzerland* better watch out!

*My male-line ancestors came from Grindelwald, Canton Bern. :wink:

Liechtenstein… Monaco… Andorra… San Marino…

I’d be keeping an eye on Europe. Blink and one of these microstates might suddenly annex Australia, and then where will we be?

Now that would be an imaginative exercise in refining the accuracy of the borders.

Don’t forget Grand Fenwick and Latveria!

Not to mention the micronations . . .

All very much in line with the SubGenius principle of psychopatriotic anarcho-materialism: “Every yard a kingdom, every child and dog a serf!” :smiley:

Or Vatican City. 'Course they’d probably annex Little Italy.

My little sister has a friend in Liechtenstein (the friend is not little, she’s a 6-foot tall blonde knockout, but I digress) and she’s always good for an anecdote. She told me once that she and another girl went to a party in on the other side of the country one night and they lost their ride and ended up walking home. You can’t even walk from one end of our rural school district (where this girl came as an exchange student) that fast!

I had a goal of visiting all of the European mini-principalities/countries and made it to Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, and Liechtenstein. Didn’t get to San Marino as the floods of that October caused me to detour out of Northern Italy to sunny Switzerland. Besides seeing cattle humping in the main square of Liechtenstein and hiking up the mountain to the duke’s castle in Vaduz, it was not that memorable. They do issue a LOT of postage stamps for collectors and there are numerous corporations headquartered there for the tax benefits.

When I was living in Berlin ages ago, I met a guy from Liechtenstein…his name was Bruno and he could easily have worked as a model for Armani…(sadly for me, he was a raging heterosexual, but I digress).

Bruno was a very talented graphic artist and by the age of about 28, he had already designed many postage stamps for Liechtenstein. He told me stamps were one of the main exports of the country and though few of them actually ever made it to be “real” postage - most were sold in uncancelled batches to local and foreign collectors.

I need to use this phrase - and soon! :smiley: