Little PC Gamer Rocking Portal/Mirror's Edge

Just thought I’d share this:

Cutest kid ever totally rocking PC games like a pro. Amazed at how well he does in portal specially.
Gives me hope for the next generation :slight_smile:

I want me some juice!

I’m not sure I’d exactly call that “like a pro”. Even aside from the obvious difficulties in moving the mouse (just from his hands being too small), he’s not exactly clever in how he does it, either. And for Portal, at least, those are all fairly easy levels he’s on.

There was a pvp video on WoW with a kid about that old killing people in battlegrounds, it was called “toddlerowned”.

Something like this?

Still it’s pretty cool he can do it at all at 3 years old. Sure he’s not exactly a pro but it’s still cool and adorable.

I’m already looking for a tiny mouse for my (yet unborn) kid.

I hope it’s Bluetooth, because the cord would probably be pretty uncomfortable coming out of there.