little physics games


I did a search and found no mention of this site, so I thought I’d post it — it’s a page of little physics-based flash-type games. The one that really stands out is called “Mechanism.” Big fun! (For me anyway, but then, I’m a nerd punk.)

For the more prudent among us, I’ll mention also that my Bit Defender, HijackThis, event viewer etc. report all quiet, after spending a couple hours at the site. I believe it’s safe.
—replacing the “DOT” with an actual dot, of course.

Why not just type the actual address? You’re allowed to do that here.
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Note: link loads with music.

Yes, please give a link to Mechanism. I googled and found 10,200,000 possible sites.

I liked this one…

or this…

maybe cause there’s drama involved from the lil peeps…lol

If you like Mechanism you might like Ice breaker.