Little red car in Cadillac Escalade commercial

You know, where the Cadillac SUV, or whatever the Hell it is, and the little red car both want the same parking space, and they end up with the LRC in the bed of the Cadillac thing.

Does anybody know what the little red car is?

This is driving me nuts.

      • One possibility: in the US, during the 50’s or 60’s, there were two guys who made a little car by themselves. The car was basically a golf-cart that was styled like a small roadster: no roof that is, I saw a picture in a magazine once and the car on teh commercial reminded me of it. Four people could pick it up, and it was street legal at the time, and still is now, if you have one. I can’t remember the name… —but I know I read about it… It was two guys that made it, just the two guys. They were retired, and still took off a couple days a week for golf and fishing and whatever, so not many of the cars ever were made.
 - Unless it's something foreign. Or totally fake. But there was at least one street-legal car sold in the US that looked a lot llike the car in the commercial, and was about the same size as the car in the commercial.......
If I heard the name of the car, I'd recognize it....... - DougC

I have’t seen the commercial in a while, but think it might be a Crosley

like this possibly

from this site:

Thanks guys. I thought it was a Crosley too, but I think the car in the commercial has a horizontal chrome grill and an oval emblem on the front above the grill. I’m gonna have to try to catch it on video tape and get a still shot of it.

Geez, could I find anything less important to obsess about?

You’re not the only one obsessed about it; there was a thread on this topic a couple months ago so you might try a search. Though IIRC there was no consensus - many thought it wasn’t a real car, just a prop made for that commercial.

Got it.

It’s a Kleinschnittger:

What’s more - that old discussion was on the temp board while SDMB was down, and I’ll claim some sort of points on this one in that I brought up the Kleinschnittger as a car which was a roadster in configuration and was small enough to fit the Escalade bed. Here’s some more data:

114 inches long, 46 inches wide, weighed 360 lbs. Some more pictures at the above link show how absurdly dinky the thing really was.

Yabob, you are my hero!

a Kleinschnittger, who’da thunk it.

Now where can I get one?