Little shareware puzzle games $20 WTF

Call it $19.95 or $19.99 it’s still $20. These are little time killing games that are somewhat fun but it no way worth $20. First of all don’t even try to compare yourself to the commercial games out there, then have mass marketing expenses and also publishing, distrubuting expenses that dwarfs whatever expenses you have in making and distrubuting the game.

Now I don’t fault you for setting your own price for something you created but you got to be crazy if you think I am going to pay $20 for a PC version of bublet - it just ain’t happening.

So often I say that this game is pretty good, I would like to support the developer as a thank you for making the demo available. Thinking that it is a $5 to $10, maybe $12 if it is really good, fee and see that they want $20 for it, you can kiss my ass, you ain’t getting it!!!

So what would happen if you sent them $10?
Think they’d refuse it?

Wouldn’t that be “support[ing] the developer as a thank you for making the demo available”?

You could even say “Thanks! Liked it but it’s not worth $20.” See, you’re even helping them with market research!

I’ve done that in the past a few times and got everything from, “you’re not the first to say that. Maybe we should drop the price” (Never did but they were nice about it) to “You try writing a game you twit”.
Now what really used to piss me off was people that offered as part of the reg “free upgrades!” then ignored you when your reg code didn’t work on the upgrades…

Are these new games or are they old DOS-based or Windows 3.1 games that were written in the early to mid 90s? Ten years ago these games may have been worth $20 (when a game that utilized the 256-color capabilities of a VGA display and the sound card over a game that used EGA and the built-in speaker had a “gee whiz!” appeal to it) and people were more willing to pay this much, given the technology that was available back then. If this is the case the contact information that comes with the games is probably out of date anyway.

No this are new games. I never considered just sending in a partial payment with a note saying " thanks, I enjoyed the demo. The game is not worth the asking price to me but would like to give you $x for making such a good demo available"

Then again it may be hard to offer partial payments depending how their site is set up.

I feel very sorry for many of these small shareware designers. It possibly takes many of them weeks if not months of work to come up with these little games. But they just don’t seem worth twenty dollars, at least from the buyer’s point of view.

Maybe they make more off a few twenty dollar sales than they do off lots of five dollar sales. I don’t know. All I hope is, that as micropayments and online purchasing increases, more people will pay at least small amounts, so the prices can come down, but the developers still make a bit of cash from their effort.

Maybe, MAYBE if it included a random puzzle/whatever generator and an editor so I can do my own stuff (I’ve seen some shareware kinda games like this) I’d pay 20 bucks for it, but it’d be a stretch.