I pit greedy idiots. (Lame, geeky, full of Mr. Sweary)

Gah! I can’t stand it. I can’t post this there, so I’m going to vent here.

On another forum which shall remain nameless, but is dedicated to the iPod Touch, there is an argument ensuing. You see, up until this point pretty well all the software developed by hackers and coders has been free, because those developers like doing it. Then someone comes along and writes a game, releases it free for a while, then upgrades it significantly and suddenly starts charging for it. Sure, fine, it’s his program, he can do what he wants with it.

But no. The idiots damn near start rioting in the streets over it.

“Software on the iPod Touch should be free!”
“He shouldn’t charge for it! It was free before!”
“It’s not fair! He’s being greedy!”
“He’ll set a bad precedent!”
“It’s way too much, I would never pay that!”
“Let’s start a petition to get his game taken off the repository!”

What. the. fuck.

It’s his own fucking software. It’s a free market. If he wants to charge for it, he can fucking well charge whatever he wants for it. He can ask to be paid exclusively in gold ingots. He can require that each payment be sent with a Fabergé egg. He can demand the right of First Night with your new fucking wife if he wants. Don’t agree with his terms? Don’t fucking buy it. If it doesn’t sell, he’ll get the message loud and clear, then he can lower the price, or take it off the market completely. You’re all acting like a bunch of whiny fucking children, stomping your feet and holding your breath until you turn blue because you can’t get what you want for free anymore. Boo-fucking-hoo. Cry me goddamn river. And while you’re at it, man up and get used to it. It’s a free market, and there will be plenty more like it coming down the pipe. When it happens, fuck the whole lot of you for a laugh.

Greedy, arrogant assholes.

There. I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.

It’s late. You’re likely to be eaten by a grue.

Jesus, not only that, it’s a fucking GAME, not a cure for cancer.

Only if it’s dark.

Am I gonna hafta trout-slap a bitch?

Well, yes, there’s that, too – but the argument progressed way beyond that point at Ludicrous Speed and did a header into Planet Moron. And I can’t stop trying to inject some common sense and rationality into the debate, despite the fact that it’s like repeatedly bashing my head against a massive wall of stupid. It’s like I can’t bring myself to believe that I won’t hit brain if I keep hammering away at the concrete.

You’re trying to bring rationality and common sense into an argument where people believe that they’re entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor for free. Not for any real reason, but just because no one’s ever charged them for it before, so it must be an inalienable right. I hate to tell you this, but yeah, you’re going to hit brain if you keep going. You might want to consider letting them have their happy little fantasy world… or, alternately, suggesting that they try the same logic on their internet provider. After all, they never paid for internet access before 1990, did they? Then why the hell should they pay for it now? (See if you can work in an interrobang. They’ll love it.) Fight the man! Stop paying that bill in protest, and DARE them to cut off the service! Show 'em who’s boss!

When I provide games to the people, they call me a saint.

When I ask why the people have no games, they call me a communist.

This is like when people bitch about adds on a free site, or who complain when a free service site isn’t perfect 100% of the time, like Mapquest, etc.

The ridiculous thing how some of them try to justify their position. One of them argued that, because software development on the iPod Touch and iPhone requires “jailbreaking” (because it is a closed environment otherwise, and the jailbreak process opens it up to user access; it isn’t illegal or anything, and the system isn’t modified in any way that violates Apple’s EULA, but Apple doesn’t really like it because Jobs is a control freak) then software developed as a result of the jailbreak process should be free because the jailbreak process creates an illegitemate development environment. That’s a big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Another believes that development is being done on the backs of the team that developed the jailbreak, and so because the devs who devised the jailbreak don’t get a cut, then the author doesn’t deserve to charge for his software. Cripes, just fucking say it: You’re an ungrateful, greedy twat and you want everyone to give you their work for free because you’re also a cheap bastard. I can at the very least respect the honesty of such a statement. The transparent veils of legitemacy some of them try and cloak their so-called arguments in is insulting to the intelligence of anyone with functioning ganglia.

Yeah, deep down I do realize how futile it is. But I’m also a stubborn bastard when I know I’m in the right and irrationally believe that I can slip a drop or two of sense into their heads if only I can make a crack the cinderblock attached to their necks.

Yeah, but with a little effort you can usually call them on their bullshit and they’ll shut up and go away. Usually.

You forgot to add that if A wants to charge for his/her work, and B doesn’t want to pay, then it is morally fine for B to steal A’s work, as long as it isn’t a physical product (because the theft does not deprive A of his work).

But things will all work out for A, because surely A will be able to get by on donations.

A makes a million dollars a day with his other projects anyway, so he doesn’t need the money. Stealing from the rich isn’t a crime.

Since when?


I sincerely hope so, anyway.

I just heard a new variation on this today. Apparently, movies should be released for free, and the production costs could be paid for by memorabilia. If the production costs were too high to pay them all up-front, they could sell memorabilia for the film while it’s in production. Hey, it would have worked for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, so why wouldn’t it work for any movie?

Unless you object, I will be stealing this wee bon mot for my own usage.

Wait, haven’t you been paying attention? Everything should be free! Except the labor of these children, however, which should be paid for at a rate approaching that of CEO’s.

Jesus, man…get with the program!

I work for a software company, and I’ve definitely dealt with these idiots. We have a free trial of our software, and people will call and bitch and moan about how it should be free, just pretty much because they want it to be.

Or, they’ll out-and-out pirate the software (downloading a cracked version) and then email us for technical support. When found out, rather than disappearing or being contrite, they’ll become nasty and say our software isn’t worth paying for. Hey retard, do you think it’s possible that a crack based on an outdated version miiiight not give you the same experience as a legit copy? Holy shit!

There isn’t a whole lot of argument to it – it’s pretty much “I think it should be free because I want/need it”. Hell, I wouldn’t even care if people were pirating it, I just wish they would stop calling and emailing and taking up time that could be used on paying customers.

We offer a free trial and free email support, but that’s not enough. Every day, people call and demand phone technical support to walk them through basic computer use and, shockingly, software we don’t even make – and they’re shocked, shocked when we don’t do this, because they’re “potential customers”.

Some people are just sponges. I’m sure this is the same group of people who decide they have philosophical objections to tipping (so they don’t), and who never seem to pick up the next round.

I offer a free “picture of the day” on my adult entertainment site (ahem) and I am constantly astounded by the number of people who feel entitled to bitch when the picture doesn’t change often enough.

Ummm…good people of the internet…if you were a paying member, you could see the free photo and the other dozen that went with it. Since you’re not, well… you can kinda fucko offo.