Little things that made you happy today

Hear, hear!

It occurred to me, when reading the monthly mini rant thread, that we should have an alternative thread, focused on mini good things that have happened.

I heard something recently that talked about how you tend to find things when you are looking for them. It’s the effect that occurs when you get a new car and suddenly notice it everywhere on the street. And, so, if you are looking for rants, you are going to find things to get annoyed about.

Whereas, if we made this themed thread a monthly tradition, people would be looking for things to be happy about.

Right now, my cat is curled up at the end of my couch. Her head is resting on my feet, and her paws are crossed.

That makes me happy at this moment.

I’m sitting on my front step, with a coffee, the birds are chirping, and bright greenery everywhere. The clover is coming up, the flowers are blooming.

After 16 days in Kenya and 19 hours of flying home, I am finally feeling normal after 5 days of jet lag. The 10 hour difference hit both my wife and I pretty hard, we were falling asleep all hours of the day and night. We both slept pretty good and got up about our normal time this morning.

I feel happy about composing what I think is a clever riddle/clue in the Cryptic Overlaps thread just now.

And now, I’m going to bed.

Yeah, back when I had a job that included project management, we used to have post-project washups - the obvious question in such a meeting is ‘what went wrong?’ (so we can avoid it next time), but the less obvious question is ‘what went right?’ (so we can do it again, on purpose).

I try to cultivate a habit of taking note of the root causes of my personal happiness, and if they are repeatable, repeat them on purpose.

The cherries this year are exquisite. I’m enjoying them with breakfast every day while the season lasts. Such a treat!

I had a dream a little while ago about the random dark reddish nail polish on the table at a place I used to hang out at as a teen. I’d paint my nails out of boredom. That was 25+ years ago.

I found a colour at the pharmacy that at least fits my memory of it. I’m going to a 90s cover band punk show tonight so I’m indulging the nostalgia.

My polish application skills have not improved on the intervening time, but I’m really happy about it anyway!

My 30 year old horse hasn’t been doing well for the last several months, and probably some hard decisions will have to be made soon. But today he climbed his front feet in his water trough and splashed and had a good time.


My daughter found a guitar in the trash pile of a house she’s housesitting for. It’s a nice 3/4 size starter Yamaha, nearly new, except it must have had a bad fall because one of the tuning pegs was knocked off and another one didn’t turn properly. And there was a crack/dent in a back edge. I replaced all the tuning pegs for $9 on Amazon, reglued the edge and patched and stained it to match, put on new strings, and it’s nearly as good as new. It has great sound quality for such a little instrument. I’ll put it up on Craigslist.

Had a lovely two-hour visit over coffee this morning with my sister, whom I hadn’t seen in exactly a year.

Then for dinner tonight we decided to try a new food truck and discovered they offered really good Mexican fare, especially the fried tacos.

Life is good.

Our son and I visited the British Transportation Museum in Dayton, Ohio today. Was awesome! Spent a couple hours there, talking with the staff. One of the staff worked as a Ferrari mechanic for 40 years, and offered to help our son rebuild the engine for his 2002 Toyota.

Saw the first hummingbird I’ve seen this year, feeding on the cardinal flower on our back porch.

Opened the door to get the paper and one of the local squirrels was sitting up on the porch, obviously waiting in case I put out any nuts. (I do this most winter days and a couple of times a week during the warm weather - it keeps them from digging up our flower bulbs when food is scarce.) It was cute enough that I went back and got him a handful of nuts.

  1. Found a brand new Bujold Penric and Desdemona novella while poking around online, and read it straight through.

  2. A dear friend jumped online and got a plane ticket to come visit next week. I haven’t seen her in over a year, and she’ll be here for 4 days. I never get her for that long unless we’re walking a trail.

Demon Daughter? Or is there a newer one?


There’s a neighborhood cat that several of us feed. Sometimes I’ll walk out the front door, and she’s there. She gets very talkative until I go back inside and get her something to eat.

After a few accidents, the dog has remembered that poop goes on the pee pad too. She’ll poop outside when we walk, but sometimes has to do it in the middle of the night. The last two mornings, I’ve woken up to a nice little present on the pad. Her poop is firm and easy to clean up, so it’s not a problem at all.

Also, her Mom is on a flight home right now :partying_face:

Penric and the Bandit. Out in June.

Thanks! Purchased.


Sheldrick wildlife trust a NPO in Kenya

Everyday their Instagram feed brings me joy.