Little Things That Brighten Your Day

So I’m washing the dishes with the History Channel on in the background.
I take a break to go to the bathroom, which takes me through the TV room, and on the way back to the kitchen I hear “…it took the Allies 3 weeks to beat off the Germans…” and I’m a mess for the next 5 minutes.

What made your day lately?

Had a day at work that started slow, suddenly got hit with a couple of things that frustrated me quite a bit, then hit the gym during my lunch break. Mile and a half run, and a few sets of weights (core workout today), and I was in a much better mood through the whole afternoon.

EDIT: That, and I’ve been reading the latest Honor Harrington book, “Cauldron of Ghosts”, and it is absolutely hilarious, with the way the author does dialogue and internal monologues as characters deal with each other (sometimes very frustrated with each other, particularly when two characters are thinking “in sync” and the third character is quite aware that they are not and would very much like someone to clue them in before they have to start beheading people.)

I’ve been watching my nephews dog while his family went on vacation. His twin four year old girls have been in my house often and were always interested in my seashells, (I have a pretty good collection from my travels!) They’d get to handle them all, have a lot of questions etc.

When the mini van pulled into the drive, and I stepped onto the stoop, I wasn’t expecting anyone but him. The doors open and the two little girls burst out, each holding a yoghurt container of seashells they collected in Florida, with their Gran.

They were both chattering away, a mile a minute! “Aunti Elbows, Auntie Elbows…”, straight into the house and up to the table to start laying out their shells, both chattering away about where they found it, which is their favourite, “Look at this one!”

Their Dad just sat grinning and eating his lunch, while I stood between the two, going back and forth, “Oh, that’s a lovely one!”, “Such a pretty colour!”, etc, barely able to keep up! We kept trying to get them to eat some lunch, but they were laser focused! It was like they’d been waiting a year to get it all out!

My goodness but it was fun!

Yesterday I was able to buy lunch in German without the baker switching to English. I think my grammar might even have been correct :smiley:

My husband and I went to Walmart about 2:30 this morning. Had grocery shopping to do and it’s wonderful when it’s practically empty and quiet; you can get in and get out. (We’re old, weird sleeping patterns etc.) At the checkout I decided to get some pork rinds and when I removed the bag, several others fell off the shelf.

The young girl ahead of us said “Girl! What you doing throwing chips all over the floor for?” as I was picking them up. I said “Because I feel like it! Don’t you ever feel like throwing chips around at 3am?” and we both grinned.

It was fun. A small funny we shared. But it reminded me that none of us are just cardboard obstacles to be avoided and sometimes “person-ess” can just leap out and touch.

My phone alarm is set for 6 a.m. Kali, our German Shepherd, wakes up minutes before the alarm and licks my face almost every morning, even weekends when the alarm is off. This has been going on for a few years now. Every damn time I laugh.

I have a goofy picture and ring tone for when my husband calls. It makes me smile every time .

Last week I had to take a day off for non-fun reasons. Beforehand I had a ton of piled-up work to do.

I blitzed through it. Every time I hit a roadblock requiring someone else’s input, I snapped out an e-mail and switched tasks to one I could make progress on. By the end of the day before I was off, I had everything done, my fill-in fully briefed and supplied (even had pre-addressed envelopes set up for what she had to mail), and had anticipated some problems and e-mailed out some resources for solving them. I looked at the clock and it was time to pack up. My new phone had just finished charging up to 100%. The elevator was opening as I arrived, I went down and out onto the street, and the crossing light changed as I reached the corner. The next elevator opened as I arrived, and the subway train door opened as I arrived – except for vertical elevator travel, I didn’t have to break stride or slow down from my desk to my seat on the subway. I was hitting on all cylinders!

I’m still seeing the effects this week of getting a lot of long-standing junk off my desk. :slight_smile:

Not so little: In October, I took a temporary part-time holiday job in a store for extra money. After the holidays, the store manager told me “I don’t need another cashier, but I’m keeping you on.” He fought to do it, and got permission.

Yesterday, I was informed that a full-time cashier is leaving, and do I want the job? You betcha sweet ass I do!!!


You guys really made me smile :o

When my phone rings in the evening and I’m watching a show, or listening to a ball game and I see it’s my brother and I’m like “Dude I like talking to you but I am busy!” but I answer anyway and it’s one of my toddler nieces who is calling to tell me they are still awake, hours after bedtime, and daddy told them to call me. It’s cute :slight_smile:

Easter Sunday, my brother invites me to join him at a brunch with his best friend and best friend’s mom. It’s a nice place, and a little pricey for my budget, but I decided to splurge and go. I haven’t done anything family oriented on Easter in a long time.

Not only was it super-nice with delicious food, my brother wouldn’t let me pay, made a point of telling me that he loved me, and that he’d specifically decided he needed some family stuff on Easter, so he’d contacted me. :slight_smile:

Any time I get to interact with kids on the daily bus ride. I especially love making infants smile by waving and making funny faces.

In our family on each other’s birthday we always call the birthday person and sing “Happy Birthday” to them.

I had my birthday recently and got the calls from the usual suspects. And then the next day I got an anonymous call from a bunch of raucous old people singing “Happy Birthday” and I couldn’t figure out who it was.

It turns out it was my cousins who were in a car on their way to Vancouver. And they were full of vacation silliness. They’ve never wished me a happy birthday before and I didn’t even know they knew when it was. It was a nice surprise and still makes me smile.

Earlier this week I got a “thank you” card from a family that adopted a child–I’d served as Guardian ad Litem in the case. The card has pictures of the family on the front, and a picture taken in chambers on the back. Made my day.

I used to regularly hear a radio ad for an educational facility, that, among other things, was “helping children master basics skills”. I never got out of the knee jerk habit of expecting the announcer to say something else.

One of our local animal hospitals took in a badly busted-up German Shepherd 5 to 6 months ago, did surgeries and various repairs, kept us all updated on Facebook, people donated bux for treatments. He was adopted this past weekend–you would not have recognized him! He has his own Facebook page! Looks like a nice family. Made my week! :slight_smile:

One time on the radio, the radio show host (completely innocently, I think,) described someone who was good at baking as a “master baker.” It made me laugh out loud.

I have my home phone number stored on my mobile as ‘Johnny Depp’. Obviously it’s a private little giggle since I’m the only one answering that phone. Some time ago I forgot the phone in a friends car, she’s off to dinner with another friend when I realise I’ve lost my phone and start calling it from home. The two friends tolerate the ringing phone until each one says to the other: Answer your goddam phone. The friend finds it under the seat and asks the other: So, you know someone who knows Johnny Depp? :smiley:

When I need a pick-me-up, I look at cute cat and dog videos on the web. There’s always at least one that has me laughing my head off.

I’m easy.