Daily Pick-Me-Up: What Made You Smile Today?

So we know we can all get snarky, blarghy, and whiney. But just for a moment, let’s step back and share something happy. It could be small, it could be huge, but whatever it is - it brought the corners of your mouth up rather than down for even a small period of time.

Don’t be a Debby Downer - like my momma always said, if you don’t have something nice to say - don’t post in this thread!
Here’s mine:

This morning I snuggled a few extra minutes with my bf before trotting off to work. I totally took a wrong turn on the way in - but still ended up getting to my desk on time. And then I remembered that my annoying across the aisle co-worker took today off so I don’t have to deal with him. Yay!

What made YOU smile today?

I haven’t had anything today worth putting in this thread, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the cheerfulness and frequency of your threads, melody!

Outside of my “real life,” I loved reading Lute’s story of rescuing a little white rabbit and bringing it inside. It made me really happy to hear that this lost bunny was rescued.

From my life? Probably scritching little rabbit noses this morning before heading out to work. My husband and I got these rabbits over a month ago and we’re still completely gaga over them, down to spoiling the hell out of them with toys and attention, and even doing baby talk to/about them.

Aww! To be honest - I was feeling grumpy and whiney - hence why I started the thread. Amazing what thinking about something happy will do to make you happy.

And your post made me smile - so thanks! :smiley:

Seconded! We have so many threads that focus on negativity, which, I guess human nature being what it is, is to be expected. Since I’m really trying to focus only on positive things lately, these threads are very welcome.

I’m expecting a phone call tonight that I know is going to put me in a good mood.

I received a couple of really nice e-mails today.

I saw my first daffodils of the season.

Before my husband left for work this morning, he waved at the ratties, and one of them waved back. Twice. Very cute, and it made us both smile and laugh. It was a great start to the day.

I give you a dog and a fawn playing soccer:


A friend sent me an Easter card with a picture of a corgi wearing bunny ears. I’m going to take it into work and look at it all week.

It’s opening day! It’s opening day! I’ve been waiting for this for 6 months!

Of course, my team is getting pummeled but whatever. It’s opening day!

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have been feeling the baby move around all day today - also, my husband got to feel her too, finally!

I’m oddly surprised that it feels exactly like what it is - a small being moving around inside of me. It’s very sci-fi.

Not specifically today but, any time and I mean anytime no matter how bad a mood if a Smartcar drives by I have to smile at the ludicrousness of the thing. :smiley:


It’s an absolutely gorgeous spring day today. This morning I drove to work with my windows rolled down blasting Rush.

Then, right before I left work (I work at a nursing and rehabilitation facility for elderly folks), I spent some time on the patio with a number of our residents, just relaxing and talking and enjoying the weather. Sometimes I love my job.

On the way home, I stopped by the store and bought my husband an arrangement of fresh flowers and two bags of jellybeans, as well as an apology card for being such a PITA this weekend. Seriously, I was a raving bitch. He’s already forgiven me, because he’s awesome, but I know he’s going to get really excited about the jelly beans. That makes me smile.

I saw my best friend’s first grandchild-a one day old little girl named Hope

I successfully defended my MS thesis this morning!

CONGRATULATIONS! That is truly something to celebrate. (My husband is working on his Master’s thesis right now, I know it’s not an easy process.)

These are all awesome - thanks so much for sharing!

And **tdn **- thanks. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. With or without fishnets!

When I came home it was still nice out and everything was blooming. I can’t believe how many things are blooming all at once: daffodils, early tulips, Bradford pear trees, weeping cherry trees, magnolias, forsythia, hyacinths (both grape and normal), Virginia bluebells, pulmonaria, creeping phlox, and a bunch of other things I’m forgetting. Went for a walk and even took some pictures (ignore the main one; page through the thumbnails). Cheered me right up.

I started a thread about it, but it is relevant.

For once, the miners were rescued in a mine emergency.

115 Chinese Miners saved


As I mentioned in a previous thread, we’ve had unbelievable tax problems. But today, our taxes were filed, and we didn’t owe a thing thanks to overpaying over 40k over the past year. YAY, and YEEE-HAAA!!!:smiley:

I met a cool girl the other day, and was thinking about her, that made me smile but I’m easily twitterpated.