Little Things You Hope JK Rowling Will Clear Up In Book 7

Post your minor plot points that you hope will be cleared up in the 7th and final Harry Potter book.

For me it’s this: how on earth did Hagrid’s dad get together with a giantess? I’m not just talking about the size thing, but it can’t be that she wasn’t a looker, but she had a great personality.

Also, where’s Charlie Weasley?

The series of books. He has multiple different items to collect in order to defeat Tommy boy. Traditionally, it takes one book to collect each object of power, not one book for all of them.

What’s the story behind Mrs. Dursley (Petunia?)? There seems to be more to her than meets the eye.

Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum wrappers and Neville’s wacked out parents.

Will Neville reveal himself to be the total badass I know that he is?

Will Kingsley Shackleford be revealed as Mace Windu in disguise? (hand me my wand…)

Is Wizard sex as freaky-deeky as I imagine it must be?

The significance of Godric’s sword.

The emphasis placed (in books 5 and 6) on Hermione’s book learning, but no wisdom, if you follow me.

Kreacher, Dobby, Winky etc. Massive rebellion planned or just interesting backfill?

Why do we NEVER hear about Ravenclaw? Various kids are mentioned, but the skills of Ravenclaw (I would think) would be neccessary to defeat Voldy.
Sorry, turned into things I would like to see, rather than things that need clearing up!

What happened to James Potter’s family? For that matter, where’s the rest of Lily’s family? Is Petunia seriously Harry’s only living relative? She mentioned how pleased her mother was to have a witch in the family - is Grandma dead now, and there really WAS nobody else to place Harry with?

I suspect we might find out when Harry goes to Godric’s Hollow.
Other questions I have aren’t so minor, and I figure they’ll HAVE to be resolved.

Ravenclaw is the house for people who are, frankly, geeks and nerds. (Don’t be offended. I expect that I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw.) Gryffindors and Slytherins (who are the wizarding world’s headstrong jocks and obnoxious preppies) tend to ignore them.

Also, Hufflepuffs don’t get much attention either. One of the Sorting Hat’s songs makes it pretty clear that Hufflepuff is basically the miscellaneous category, for people who don’t fit into any of the other three houses.

I want to know if they have a graduation ceremony at the end.

What is this supposedly huge revelation about Lily Potter? (Thank Og she cleared up the whole Mark Evans thing. I found all those theories about him really irritating.)

What did Dudley see when he encountered the Dementors?

What happened to Harry’s grandparents and other relatives?

Ditto on Dudley and the dementors. I was hoping she’d tell us this time around.

What’s up with Peter Pettigrew? Has his arm got any special powers? Why is he listening at doors? Is that life-debt ever going to come into play?

Will Firenze ever be able to return to the forest?

Will Theodore Nott ever get a speaking part?

Andromeda Tonks – dead or alive? If alive, how do you reconcile the fact that Andromeda’s daughter is at least 24 at the end of HBP, making Andromeda at least 42-ish, yet her supposedly older sister Bellatrix was a school friend of 38-year-old Snape?

Everything that has been mentioned above, I want to second.

I’d also like to see something more of Hermione’s Muggle Life. We’ve seen Ron’s at The Burrow, but nothing of her life.

Snape’s story and background is sadly lacking.

McConigal’s back ground is even more lacking.

Will we see Gilderoy Lockhart again, even in his state of amnesia induced brain? (that would be comic.)

What will happen to Bill and his werewolf bite? Will he change at Full Moon? Will he have sharpened senses? Will he have dog breath?

Will the house in Godric’s Hollow still be standing? Will it be rented out if it is there? What will Harry find?

What is up with Trevor the Toad? He seems the most worthless pet.
Most importantly…How long will we have to wait?!!111!!!
This is worse than being 12 all over again.

If Hogwart’s opens up, who will be the DaDA teacher?

Will Lucius Malfoy break out of prison to join Voldemort or rescue his son? (I do enjoy his appearances.)

Neville will save the day and break the curse ( or whatever) on his parents.

I’d like to see all those things resolved too. Wouldn’t the house elves make phenomenal adversaries to the Death Eaters, if somebody (Hermione?) found a way to release them from their serfdom? They have strong magical powers, and it’s a different kind of magic to the wizards; they could make all the difference in a war.

Why must she be at least 24? Presuming you’re right, I guess it’s possible that Andromeda had Tonks at 17 or 18 (the wizards do seem to marry very young - Harry’s parents would also have been very young, much younger than they appear in the films) and Bellatrix is only a year older than her. Bella then wouldn’t have been in the same year as Snape, but would have been at school at the same time and would have known him through mutual Deatheater acquaintances. Or it could be another Rowling maths slip-up.

I assume that all the Potters were killed by Voldemort. Maybe most of Lily’s muggle family were too, which would explain some of Petunia’s resentment. If her parents, uncles, aunts and cousins were killed by the wizarding world, she really would have been a kind person to take Harry in and save his life by doing so. Still a bitch for treating him as she did, but understandably so.

I’m delving into fanfic territory here.

I took this to basically imply that Fridwulfa raped Hagrid’s father. That’s a pretty heavy thing for a kid’s book, but no other explanation seems to exist. (Why a giant would rape some little human dude is hard to explain, though.)

His parents were wacked out because they were tortured by Bellatrix LeStrange until they lost their minds. I’ve seen other questions about the bubble gum wrappers in threads here, but I guess I don’t get the question - it just seemed like sorta meaningless tokens that suggest that Alice (is that right?) still recognizes her son on some level, and of course he cherishes them. They’re kinda kindegarten presents - like when a child gives you weird random objects as a token of their affection. I don’t think there’s more to it than that.

Yeah, in book five the hat sang about the Gryffindors’ bravery, the Ravenclaws’ smarts, and the Slytherins’ pure blood and cunning. It sure seemed like a slap in the face to say that Helga Hufflepuff thought she’d educate everyone, implying that Hufflepuffs are none of those things. It was mentioned in book four that the Hufflepuffs don’t generally get much glory - no wonder. They’re the dull and wussy children; celebrating their supposed “loyalty” and “hard work” is a pretty pathetic sop to their feelings.

Hope this isn’t a double post, but as far as I can tell, my post disappeared!

I think it’s safe to assume that being raped by a giant of either sex would be more or less invariably fatal.

I see Hagrid’s dad as a kind and loving but extremely odd and misguided wizard with Hagrid’s own fondness for dangerous creatures (similar to Mr. Weasley’s muggle obsession, but a lot riskier, as we know.) He could have run into Fridwulfa while on a giant-watching expedition, while on a “Peace Corps” type mission to the giants or something like that. Maybe he was a (very) over involved Jane Goodall, or Dian Fossey type who overstepped his professional bounds in a big way.

That, or Hagrid’s dad was wearing a white robe and Fridwulfa mistook him for toilet paper. Less romantic, I guess. But cottony soft! (And probably safer. I can’t imagine an amorous giantess being much less dangerous than a hungry or angry one.)

Why Voldemort, supposedly the most dangerous and evil Wizard ever, is such an incompetent dolt surrounded by morons.

But didn’t she leave when he was a toddler? And I would think children of rape would be with the mother not the father. I get the impression that she was in the home and they were some sort of family for a short time.

Ahh, but what if the items are hidden in plain sight?

Is Harry Godric’s heir?

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