More Harry Potter Book 7 speculation (spoilers)

Time once again for the speculation about Book 7: Harry Potter and the Best-Selling Conclusion.

Naturally, we presume that most of Book 7 will be taken up with Harry and/or friends pursuing the Horcruxes left behind by Voldemort. There are, reputedly, four remaining. (Riddle’s diary and Marvolo’s ring have already been destroyed.)

We have reason to suspect one item was the mysterious R.A.B locket which may once have been located in the Black household.

I personally believe that most of the other locations where the Horcruxes are hidden will be locations we know, or locations we know of, because there isn’t time in one book to explore four wholly new locations and still leave room for Harry’s seventh year at school.

Yes, I think Harry is going back to Hogwarts during Book 7.

  1. The R.A.B. locket should be found at the Black household, I’m thinking — though I can’t quite recall if Mundungus Fletcher sold off that locket or if it’s still there. It (the house) is full of mysterious old magic and it’d be a good place to start looking.

  2. Another item is going to be at Hogwarts. It had already been referred to as “the only place Riddle ever thought of as home,” which means Voldemort might at some point try to hide there with the Secret-Keeper charm thingy (as Harry’s parents were once hidden). It also sets up the dramatic climax at the end of the story, tying all the loose ends together at once.

  3. This item, whatever it is, is going to be at Gringott’s. Voldemort has already demonstrated an ability to break into the bank — or maybe that was Quirrell, which suggests Voldemort could do it too — and there would be few places safer. I’m re-reading book 1 and a great deal is made of how secure the place is. (That partly sets up the theft of the Whositz’s Stone, but I’m betting it’s significant for later too.)

  4. The last item would be in the mysterious other location. I’m torn, at the moment, between thinking it’ll be at Snape’s house (or Malfoy’s, or Lestrange’s), and that it’d be somewhere else. I somehow doubt it’d be at the Malfoys’ place, since they were in possession of Riddle’s Diary and squandered it; if ever they had a second Horcrux, Voldemort would have seized it back upon learning of Lucius’s casual disposal of the diary. Snape’s house… tempting, but anticlimactic unless Snape really is eeeeeeeevil.

In re-examining my four-part Horcrux theory, I’m slowly coming to another conclusion, here: there were four parts to the wizard unity statue at Ministry HQ: humans, centaurs, elves, and … uh, goblins? (Who was the fourth?) Four Horcruxes remaining: four races to call upon for help. House-elves can help retrieve the amulet from Kreacher; centaurs can help with the item at Hogwarts; goblins could help at the bank… am I getting warmer?

The only thing I think my theory is missing is that Greyback has been set up as this evil werewolfy guy, and there doesn’t seem to be much room in my solution for him.

A book 7 thread wouldn’t be complete without another guess at whether Snape was really evil or not. I recently was thumbing through “Half-Blood Prince” and found a part roundabout page 441 where Hagrid tells Harry he’d overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing; Snape said he didn’t want to do it, and Hagrid reported that Dumbledore’s response was stern and that Snape had already agreed to it. To what, exactly? Anybody else notice this passage, or has it already been discussed to death? (I just noticed it recently and wondered about its significance.)

I’m inclined to think the final confrontation will be at the Riddle House. I also think Harry will not only return, but graduate from Hogwarts, and then go on to whatever it is he does.

I’m not convinced Dumbledore is really gone, nor that Snape is really evil. Of course, that’s probably what she wants me to think.

Were there only 6 horcruxes? For some reason I thought there were 7.

7 pieces of soul, 6 Horcruxes. The seventh part of his soul is still in Voldemort’s body – or was, perhaps, until the night he attacked Harry.

Oh, yeah. Makes sense. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’d guess they were arguing about Snape having to kill Dumbledore.

I believe that Dumbledore was already dying from the trap he set off. (His arm would not heal and was slowly poisoning him.) He had Snape kill him so he can get in the good graces of Voldemort. Harry will find the truth out from Dumbledore’s Pensieve where Dumbledore left the memory of the plan for Harry to find and aquit Snape.

Then again, maybe Snapes a traitorous snake. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m always ready for speculation about B7 but why is right now that moment? We seem to have 18 months at least left on our countdown.

Of course Harry, Ron & Hermione will return to school. The books are numbered Year 1, Year 2, etc. How it will be done I have NO idea.

JKR has said the last word of the 7th book will be “scar.” No idea what that means, but it is intriguing.

My predictions:
House elves will prove crucial
Snape is not evil
RAB is Sirius’ brother Regulas Black [pardon my sp. I don’t have the books handy]

Horcruxes will turn out to be rather mundane. C’mon, if you were going to hide a piece of your soul would you choose something everyday that nobody will notice or something odd that will seem odd to anyone seeing it?

Because it’s fun? :wink:

Agreed. Portkeys are things like old boots so muggles won’t find them, so why would Voldy make his Horcruxes conspicuous objects?

Ive clued pieces together and figure that Harry could be a horcurx.
We know that someone must be killed to create a horcrux. Harrys mum and dad both killed by voldermort.

We heard from the prophecy something ( im sorry I dont have my book handy) that was taken to mean that only Harry could kill Voldermort. I remember reading this and taking it to mean that Harry would have to sacrifice himself to kill voldermort. This would make sense if harry is the last remaining horcux he has two options, Kill voldermort and himself to ensure that Voldermort cannot return. Or kill voldermort and forever repel voldermort’s attempts to come to power through Harry. ( I think Harry is a powerful enough wizard to do the second, plus kids read this book).

We know that the horcruxes have some relevance to each house in hogwarts, so harry would be the link to grifindor.
As for snape wether he is a baddie or a goodie… that chap is still good. While Dumbledore and Harry were up that tower just before snape “killed” dumbledore. Dumbledore stunded Harry, who was also under an invisability cloak. I don’t see this as Dumbledore protecting Harry, this was a way for snape and dumbledore to execute their hoax death without Harry getting involved and cocking it up.

I’m of this thought too.

Or when Snape became a spy for the good guys against the Death Eaters and Dumbledore vouched for his character, I started thinking that maybe with Snape’s permission, Dumbledore put him under that controlling curse ( Imperius?) which is why whenever the headmaster intercedes on Harry’s behalf and snape has a bee up his nose, snape backs off at whatever Dumbledore says.

I would like to see a show down or conclusion with Harry and Voldy in front of all the students. None of them really know what he has been through, they only have the gossip. Hogwarts VS the Death Eaters.

Neville’s parents were very good wizards (his dad was an Auror) and popular. His birthday is the same day as Harry’s, IIRC, so he figures heavily into the plot somewhere. I see Neville’s talent finally coming through. ( I would love to see his parents sanity restored.) I think that Neville will open up and talk about his parents in this more.

I think Malfoy will end up either helping out his father with his band of goons or see his father in his true evilness ( killing some student) and turn against his family. Showing the (young readers) that no matter how you were raised and no matter how wacked your parents were/are, it is never too late to change.

It would also be useful to show that no matter your House, uniting together against a common cause will benefit all. (Symbolism Galore in book 7, mark my words.)

I also think there will be some kind of show down between the Weasley parents and the Malfoys. That would be cool, lamely written, but really, who wouldn’t want to see your parents kicks some ass?
Hermione will be Head Girl so she can use her special privvies to give us more exposition and then disappear for awhile without her absence being too obvious. Ron, I don’t know if he is Head Boy material, but I think he will finally come out of the Second Banana role. Maybe during Quidditch or something.

I cannot imagine Hagrid’s role being anything but one dimensional. Unless Norbert, Fluffy and Buckbeak figure heavily into the story and they listen to him.
I’m guessing the final battle will be either at the Riddle House or Harry’s house location (what is left of it because there is an important clue hidden there and harry goes back the first time ever.) thus completing the circle.
I am wondering if Dumbledor’s old partner, who invented the Philosopher’s Stone (forgot name) will spring up into this storyline at all. Clues and things from each book I think will spring up subtley all over the place. It is going to be veriable feast of the previous books.

I would love to see the Dursley’s get their comeuppence too in the form of Petunia realizing she has some witchy powers and it just kills her to have done something so freakish. That’ll never happen, but we will see them again and Harry’s ability to lead will astound them.

I don’t think Harry will die, but some major character will be toast.

Has anyone else here bought the Ultimate Unoffical Guide to the mysteries of Harry Potter 1-5 available. I have 1-5, but haven’t cracked them open too much because going from reading the book to the minutae breakdown line for line in the HPUUG is tedious, though fascinating. If I were 12 again, I would know this book backwards and forwards.


Portkeys are things like old boots, so muggles won’t bother to touch them, not so that muggles won’t find them. People are more likely to walk past an old boot or a rusty kettle without stopping to pick them up than they would a more conspicuous or noticeable item, like a brand-new Nike trainer.

As Dumbledore points out, though, Voldemort is more likely to choose important and magical items as horcruxes, since the horcrux is meant to hold something very valuable. We know that Slytherin’s ring was a horcrux, and that Voldemort used Hufflepuff’s locket. Rather than choosing inconspicuous things as a way to keep them hidden, he chose very conscipuous items and hid them in out-of-the-way places behind numerous traps–kind of like a magical Indiana Jones scenario.

This means that at least three of the remaining four horcruxes (horcruci?) will be valuable objects. The fourth one (created sometime after the death of Harry’s parents, presumably) could be a more common item just because of time constraints. However, if we assume that Voldemort intended to create the last horcrux using Harry’s death, we should also assume that he had already chosen the object he wanted to use as the horcrux. And since he had killed both James and Lilly immediately before attacking Harry, it seems to me that there is a slim possibility that he may have chosen to create the last horcrux using their deaths in the moment after he realized that he would not kill Harry.

This is what I think too. We didn’t really get a good explanation for what sort of curse was affecting Dumbledore’s arm. My theory is that the combined efforts of Dumbledore, Snape, and Madame Pomfrey were able to retard the curse’s progress, but they couldn’t stop it. Eventually, Dumbledore would have died anyway. This is why he was willing to let Snope kill him. I think that the argument that Hagrid mentioned indicates that Snape and Dumbledore had some sort of standing agreement.
Also, I think that the potion in the stone basin (where the locket was found at the end of book 6) was some sort of mind-control potion. The drinker would be compelled to seek out Voldemort and submit to him. Think about it: wouldn’t Voldy want to know that someone had breached his defenses? In the case of the ring, the sight of someone shrivelling up like a rancid old apple would give it away. I think that Dumbledore was resisting the potions effects, at no small cost in mental effort, during the trip back to Hogwarts and the fight on the rooftop.

If it were a Latin noun, horcruces would be favourite, by analogy with crux, “cross”. Third declension masculine.

I think the balance of evidence is favouring Snape, btw. Assuming that making the Unbreakable Vow was not part of a plan that he and Dumbledore had, I’d guess that Dumbledore would accept that the greater good was served by Snape’s going through with it. It’s possible even that [del]Luke[/del] Harry needed the experience of seeing his teacher die in order to take the next step and mature enough to defeat [del]Vader[/del] Voldemort.

IIRC it was a wizard, a witch, a goblin, and a centaur. So only three races depicted.

Scratch goblin; I meant house-elf.

I just finished rereading all the books – we were painting our house this month and I need to read something comfortable and familiar when I’m in the middle of a big job like that. So I’ve done a bit of speculating recently as I was slinging paint. Some random things I thought of:

The Dursleys – I’m thinking that there will be some fallout from Dumbledore letting slip that Harry has gold. Either they’ll be being extra nice to Harry, trying to get on his good side; or they’ll be trying to keep him prisoner somehow again. Either way, Harry won’t be able to go off to Godwin’s Hollow until after his birthday, when he’s able to do magic legally.

I also think we’ll find out The Truth about Petunia. I’ve always suspected that Petunia and Lily were twins (the flower names), and that both got the summons to Hogwarts. Petunia didn’t want to go, and doesn’t want her husband and son to know about it. I think Dumbledore used this information to blackmail her into taking Harry.

Will the kids really leave school? – Nah. They’ll be planning to, but something will happen that sends them back to Hogwarts. Maybe a message from Dumbledore – speaking out of a picture, or a Chocolate Frog card? Or maybe something else. But they’ll definately be back at Hogwarts, although i think a lot of the book’s action will take place outside of school (as Harry and company search for the Horcruxes).

There will, of course, be a lot fewer students at Hogwarts. So few, in fact, that I suspect the House system will be badly undercut, if not abandoned entirely. I think we’ll get to know a ‘good’ Slytherin, too – probably Blaise Zabini. Not all Slytherin’s are Death Eaters.

Who is wearing red robes? – not Harry, Ron, or Hermione. I just don’t see that happening. I also don’t think Ginny will snuff it, nor Mr. or Mrs. Weasley, nor Percy (see below). Some Weasley is going down, though – the Weasley family is so big, and there’s been so much made of how this is a war, and last war every Wizarding family lost someone… So it depends on whether or not Rowling wants to go for a Maximum Emotional Impact, or a Minimum Emotional Impact. The Maximum would be to kill one or both of the twins. Fred and George are blaze-of-glory types, so this is a real possibility. On the other hand, I wonder whether Rowling has kept Charlie away from us on purpose? Maybe he’s the Sacrifical Weasley.

Some students will definately die – I’d almost put odds on Ernie MacMillan (sp?) dying in battle. And Blaise Zabini, if I’m right and he turns out to be on the side of good. Luna could go, and Seamus and Dean… All of those would be Medium Impact deaths, but without the pure devastation of killing a major character. Neville is a real possibility too – I suspect that the gum wrappers his mom is slipping him have some importance. Maybe she put a power-dampening spell on him before she went insane to keep him off of Voldemort’s radar?

Similarly, some adult members of the Order will certainly die. My WAG is that Lupin will survive – I just don’t feel that Rowling will be killing any more of Harry’s father-figures. Also, Tonks, so that she and Lupin can marry at the end. Anybody else could go, though. Hagrid, in particular, has been wearing red robes since Year 1.

Snape: good or evil? – He’s gotta be good. Otherwise Dumbledore was so badly mistaken as to be negligent. And I just don’t think Dumbledore, as written, could be that wrong.

In other Snape musings: I think we’ll discover that Snape and Lily were friends. A couple of books back, Petunia was talking about Dementers and said that she had heard “that horrible boy” tell Lily about them. Harry assumed that the horrible boy was James; I think it was Snape. I don’t know that Snape was in love with Lily neccesarily, but I do think they were friends.

Percy – I’ve spoken with some who think Percy will turn out to have been under an Imperius curse or some such, and that he’ll end a hero. Others think he’ll flip completely and end a Death Eater. I don’t think so. I think Rowling is using him to point up the fact that the world is not split up into Death Eaters and Good People. Percy is a sycophantic toady and will remain so. He’ll always be on the side of whoever is in power. If Voldemort won the war, then Percy’d be first in line to become a Death Eater. Until then, he’ll stay close to the Ministry. I think his family’s participation in the Order will be good for Arthur Weasley’s career and, after the war, he’ll be on track to eventually be the Minister of Magic. Seeing this, Percy will rejoin his family. Arthur, Ginny and the boys will tolerate him for Molly’s sake.

I had some other thoughts in a month of painting, but that’s enough for now!

Speculations you want, speculations you get:

I’m certain that Harry, Ron and Hermione will return to Hogwarts for their seventh year of schooling. The series is too Hogwarts-centered to abandon the setting for an entire book, and on top of that, if the Hogwarts education is not the framework, why should the seventh book be the last?

I think Snape is evil. I’m on the fence, though, as to whether Snape is actually loyal to Voldemort, or whether (as I’ve seen some speculate) he’s acting in his own interests, playing both sides against the middle.

I suspect Wormtail will be forced to turn on either Snape or Voldemort (if Snape, possibly killing him) in order to save Harry’s life. A big deal was made in book 3 about the life-debt he owes Harry for having saved his life when Sirius and Lupin were going to kill him.

Dobby will be an important member of Harry’s anti-Voldemort squad. For a change, Harry will treat him as a valuable resource rather than an afterthought.

We will see Viktor Krum again. I expect that in the final chapter, which J. K. Rowling says will tell us what becomes of all the characters after the main events of the book, will say that Hagrid ended up marrying Madame Maxime, but I don’t think she’ll play an active part in the plot of Book 7.

Finally, I speculate that the cover of the book (at least the American edition) will be mostly black with the title written in shiny red.

As we saw with “Moody” and Harry in book IV, the imperious curse is fightable for one with strong enough mind - Snape’s a jerk, but he’s very smart and strong-willed. Besides, Dumbledore doing an unforgiveable curse? Don’t see it. I think it’s more likely Snape made an unbreakable vow to Dumbledore.

Rowling has said she wouldn’t have any more Quidditch scenes after the one in Book 6, so she had Luna be the announcer to make it fun. I guess we could hear second-hand about Ron doing well. I think Ron will do something great and more germaine to defeating Voldemort.

If created after killing Harry’s parents, I don’t think he would have done it before trying to kill Harry - Voldy’s first priority was to kill Harry, after all, because of the prophecy. So if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have had the chance until GoF, when Wormtail raised him. Who has he killed since? AFAIK, nobody. Therefore, I think he either only made 5 horcruxes, and will try to create the 7th in the 7th book, OR Harry is a horcrux.

I also think, regarding the horcruxes, that Arthur Weasley’s admonition, “don’t trust anything when you can’t see where it keeps its brain” will be significant again. Don’t know how.