Little white spiders, what's up with that?

I live in Connecticut, USA, and I keep seeing these little white spiders on cars. I thought maybe they were living in my old car, but now I’ve seen one on my brand new car. So does anyone know what they are? I nearly run off the road when I see one due to my incredible fear of spiders.

And if anyone can tell me how to keep them off my car, I will owe you a life debt.

Umm… I live in the south, so we probably don’t have the same sort of spiders around. Anyway, there are a couple things to point out:

  1. Chances are, the spiders are all over the place, you just can’t see them as well when they are not on cars.
  2. Spiders do not particularly like cars, being a hostile environment, and so they are probably falling out of trees or riding the wind on strands of silk. If it is trees, stay away from them. If it is the wind, I don’t think you can really get away from that completely, but parking some place to limit your exposure might work (ironically, the first thing that comes to mind is a tree).

I also have a fear of spiders (I think almost every guy has a problem with them, probably due to guys knowing about evil-flesh-rot and girls being blissfully ignorant), but these tiny white spiders are probably jumping spiders of some sort and will not bite you or have very toxic venom even if their fangs can penetrate your skin.

As for the best method of removal… drive the car? It would be a buff spider to take the interstate.