Live broadcast of our performance of Rossini's Stabat Mater

My choir’s performance of Rossini’s Stabat Mater * is being broadcast live from the Opera House tomorrow night (Saturday 19 May), in a concert starting at 8.00 pm Sydney time. The performance is part of a Rossini gala program.

The first half of the program is excerpts from various Rossini operas. We sing a couple of choruses: the finale from *Guillame Tell * and the prayer scene from Mosè in Egitto. The soloists do a few other bits and pieces too, including a great soprano/alto scene from the opera Semiramide. The *Stabat Mater * itself doesn’t start until after interval. Going on the timing of last night’s performance, that should be around 9.00 pm.

If you’d like to listen in, go here and click on the Listen Now link. There’s a program available for the concert (in PDF format) at the bottom of the page here.

  • Starting times for other localities:

6.00 am Saturday US east coast
11.00 am Saturday UK
12.00 noon Saturday Europe
10.00 pm Saturday NZ

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Cool! Must be the thick end of twenty-five years since I did this - twenty at least. I was listening to Cuius animam only the other day. Hope it goes well!

The tenor soloist certainly nailed the high D[sup]b[/sup] on Thursday night. That performance went well and hopefully tonight’s will be even better.

Good luck tonight! I’ll leave the page open and if I awaken in the wee hours I’ll get up and listen.

Here’s a review of the Thursday night concert from today’s Australian (21 May). The choir gets only a single sentence reference, but it’s very complimentary.