Live! From Studio 3C

I was just watching the news on WNBC in New York City, and when they returned from a commercial, the announcer said:

And I’ve seen very similar things on other stations and other news shows.

Here’s my question: Who cares which studio they’re broadcasting from? I suppose there might be some slight cachet in the fact that they’re broadcasting from the famed Rockefeller Center, but is there anything famous about Studio 3C?

Some of the studios at 30 Rockefeller Center are fairly famous and historic.

Hey, you have to fill the air somehow. Those extra seconds add up.

Yeah, I saw that. But just because a pedantic encyclopedia chooses to document which studios are used for which production, that doesn’t necessarily translate into meaningful advertising. Compare these, for example:

“Live! From the surface of the moon!”
“Live via satellite from Red Square!”
“Live! From Studio 3C!”

The first two will grab my attention and induce me to watch. The third, not so much.

It used to, back when NYC and Rockefeller Center in particular were romantic and exciting. Now it’s a connection to the building’s history and the studios, some of which were used back in the Golden Days of Radio.