Live from the elementary school play - Willie Wonka jr.

Omg it’s ten after 8 and they’re not even in the factory yet.:eek: It’s been going on for an hour.

Standing room only. Guess who’s standing?

I guess there’s a shortage of boys in the drama club because Charlie’s a girl. So is Augustus Gloop. And pretty much everybody else for that matter.

Yeah; my son played Willie Wonka and Charlie was a girl…he always gets parts because he’s a boy. But that’s nothing like dance recitals; there’s like 3 boys and a hundred girls.

Willie Wonka was played by a girl in this. Fooled me.

I felt sorry for the girl who played Verruca Salt. Some balloons were supposed to inflate to make her into a blueberry. Something malfunctioned and she almost broke down but the kids soldiered on and averted disaster.

So is it over yet?