live shows to check out

What great bands has everyone seen recently?

Shows I’ve really enjoyed:

  • Mando Diao (punk/rock, saw them w/Jet in NYC, they play Ottobar 12/5 - go see them if you can!!!)
  • Matt Nathanson (really unique show, acoustic rock/singer songwriter)
  • Living Colour (they still have it!!!)

What else is worth checking out?

I recently discovered Hayley & the Vibe. It’s always a relief when your friend tells you they’re in a band, and when you see them play, they’re actually good. I really dug their music and they have great stage presence.

As for other bands, I saw No Doubt in November 2002, and they were incredible. Full of energy, sounded great live, and you could tell they wanted their fans to walk away smiling. Plus, we got there late- we missed all the openers and got there about five minutes before ND went on- and we were really, really close (check out proof below).

I have pictures from both… the Hayley show was quite dark, so please forgive the quality.
No Doubt

  1. Haven’t seen them yet, but it is my mission in life to see them.

Depending on what style of music you like, you may stop reading here…

I am more of a jam band/ jazz person. I live in the Baltimore area (within two hours) and there is a Festival in August called the Grassroots Festival, and they draw some big names. In two years I have seen and would recommend seeing:

Charlie Hunter (what he does is amazing, simply amazing)
John Scofield (He was playing stuff from Uberjam, SO FUNKY!!!)
Keller Williams (Great showman, really knows how to work a crowd)
Karl Denson’ Tiny Universe (Once again, SO FUNKY!!!)
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Seen them three times, actually, and each time I leave, renewed in my discipleship to their music. Of all I mention, this is the one band you MUST see. I emphasize MUST)
Jimmy Cliff (Just this past summer, the guy is old, but his band put on one hell of a show. I had no idea until I actually saw him. I was nearly in tears when they sat down and did “Rivers of Babylon”…wow)
Yonder Mountain String Band (Bunch of 20-somethings playing bluegrass, and I love bluegrass)
Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade (He uses a vibraphone in what is basically heavy metal music. That should be all I have to say… DAMN.)
Rusted Root (Great jam band, with a lot of catchy melodies in songs you’ve never heard.)

There are still a lot of bands I would love to see, but if anyone has 311 tickets, give me a call…


Saw them again for the first time in years the night before Halloween. I haven’t gone to any of Les’s other shows, such as Flying Frog Brigade, but I hear that this was better. They put on an experience.

Second Bela and the Flecktones. Just missed them last week.

I saw 311 a couple times about 7 years ago (damn, time flies) and they put on a decent show then. I haven’t been real impressed with their later stuff.

Phish is another great concert. Hopefully they can keep on goin’ a little longer.

Widespread Panic, especially with the Dirty Dozen, have got it together.

My favorite was seeing AFI a few months ago. Sheer cheesy stagecraft, complete with good music and an energetic pit. Happily, I get to see them again next week.