Live streaming thread (first one is kittens!)
Livestream of kittens with their mom. You don’t have to just follow the livestream, you can click backward.

If you’ve got more livestreams, post them here.

I don’t have any livestream to post at this time of year, but I am just melting, watching those adorable kitties.

Thank you!

Kitten-cams are always a good thing. :slight_smile:

He just said that Grant from Mythbusters is a viewer.

Cats sure sleep a lot. Isn’t leaving the light on all the time bad for them? So he’s recording as well as streaming? How long does he intend to record for?

Cats have no trouble sleeping in a patch of sunlight.

If you can tear yourself away from the kitten cam, might I suggest tuning in to the sixth annual Desert Bus for Hope charity fundraiser?

You can find most of your answers at the KittenCam FAQ. But, in order:

[li]The light is about 40 watts, he just has a very good camera in there.[/li][li]There’s a DVR function which gets reset, either every 24 hours or when something happens that he knows people will want to see; resetting makes it easy to find and keeps it in cache for the longest period of time.[/li][li]He’ll broadcast until the kittens are adopted, which will happen once they recover from the spay/neuter, which won’t happen until they’re both 2 months & 2 pounds. So a couple of weeks from now, probably. Then the cam will go dark until his next set of fosters, and a new Livestream will be set up.[/li][/ol]

(I posted this link a bit over a week ago; glad to see others are becoming fans of the Spice Kittens.)

They are suckling right now, just barely on screen. A little sign says LIVE.

Now they’re done. Mama cat is a calico, very pretty. One kitten is mrrowing at her.

2 others are wrestling.

You know, typical kitty stuff! :slight_smile:

Good heavens. There are just over 11,000 people watching the KittenCam at this moment!!

The internet celebrities are now sleeping in a heap, blissfully unaware of their fame, or the internet itself.

I want to tap on the monitor screen to see them move and be cute! Too bad that doesn’t work, but even if it did it would be cruel.

I love kittehs!

Oh thanks, there weren’t any links on the page. They’re so cute!

no need to tap the screen…the kitties are bouncing and pouncing all over the place!!!