Live from Pittsburgh, it's kittens!

Live streaming video of seven kittens born here in Pittsburgh on 6/7. According to Metafilter, this is what the internet is for.

No, they’re not my kittens. I want to take them all home, but I can’t.

I don’t usually do this but


They are so adorable.

What Baker said.

ZOMG!!! They were all asleep when I pulled up the cam! No wait one just woke up!

10/10, would pet.

Yay, Kittsburgh!

AWW!!! They’re all nite-nite right now, and the grey one is talking in it’s sleep.

Get up, you layabouts! Pounce on something.

I know! I’ve been watching these lazy little bastards sleep all day.

taps on the monitor

One is even black and gold! Must be a Stiller’s fan. :slight_smile:

Ben or Jerry?

Now I want ice cream.

Mama Cat’s there!

ETA: Well, she was just a second ago. Everybody’s washing themselves, hurry!

Well, could be a Pirate’s or Pen’s fan just as easily.

It’s madness in there! Oh, the felinity! :slight_smile:

omg they’re torturing the kittens!!

Why else would there be a can of yummy gooshy food UNOPENED right in the middle? AAARGH!!!
Oh oh oh and mama just jumped in to feed them…AWESOME!!!

And one of my cats just came in from the next room to see what all the squeeling was about, lol. (The kittens, not me.I didn’t squee!! I didn’t!!)

Mama is a GORGEOUS cat! She’s…blonde! sort of. Almost a white orange cat!

Feedin’ time!!!

Sooo cute when their ears twitch as they eat. I miss having tiny baby kitties… sigh.

One just left the “bar”

I can’t watch them for very long or I start making involuntary noises. Also, I’m smiling and bouncing around in my chair…it’s very obvious I’m not working!

The box was empty when I got home. The box is still empty.

When are they bringing back my kittens??

What do you mean, they’re not my kittens? They’re mine, you hear me? Mine!

There’s no kittehs!!!

No wait – there’s 3 of them but they keep going in and out of frame.