Live streaming video of Bald Eagle nest with mated pair!

In case anyone hasn’t seen this couple yet, this is the COOLEST thing ever!

They have two eggs that are going to hatch around April 25th.

This is really special… my daughter’s class has the live feed projected onto their classroom wall at lunchtime! Check it out, it’s well worth it!


Very cool. :slight_smile:

My connection isn’t fast enough to stream that :frowning:

What a great way to watch/study them without being invasive.

I’d love a high-quality recording of that area. I watched the cam for a few minutes and the forest noise was so peaceful.

Okay, maybe this is dumb, but maybe not. How can it be “live” when it shows the birds in clear daylight and it’s got to be nighttime by now, even on the west coast?

Good question. The camera is actually live in the daytime… what you see at night is a recording from the previous day. So it’s not all black, you see.

The live stream is from about 6am to 8.30pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

My parents know the guy who has this camera in his back yard… he’s been a bald eagle expert for the past 17 or so years. is getting about 4 million hits per day and an average of about 5,000 simultaneous video connections per second… no one ever dreamed it would get this big!

Apparently, that 15 second sponsor spot at the beginning of the video costs $50,000. Wow.


Ooops. I meant TWO million hits per day.

I’ve been watching them all week. They are amazing! I am addicted to watching. I can’t wait until the babies hatch!!

I forgot to say, one thing that is amazing is how both male and female so diligently share the duties. Aparently this pair has been together for at least 10 years and have raised chicks in this nest for at least the past few years.

Humans could really learn a lot of some bird species! (Ever see March of the Penguins?)

I often forget how bountiful Alaska is, until someone writes about an unusual sighting of an animal that we see every day here. Your mating pair is terrific and worth watching. Here is a common sight in Haines.

Wow, I’ve never seen a multitude of Bald eagles like the one on that page, Chefguy!

The Bald Eagle nest is on Hornby Island, BC (which is about halfway up the eastern coast of Vancouver Island.)