Very, Very Cool Website: Eagle Nest Cam!

Live streaming video from an eagle nest on Hornby Island, about 30 miles north of here. I’ve seen up to 15 Bald Eagles at one time at work, but this nest-cam is really engrossing…

(You’ll have to sit through a short ad first, but I guess we all have to bring grubs home to the nestlings…)

Beat you to it! :slight_smile:

No ads when I started watching–just noticed them yesterday for the first time. They were pretty active Saturday–the eagles, that is–making lots of noise and moving around a bit.

I’m LOVING it!! What a gorgeous bird, and he (?) looks so cozy chilling in his nest right now.

Very shiny! Fun too that the advert has to be one of the tackiest i’ve ever seen (though it gets bonus points for the hot asian-looking girl halfway through).

D’oh! Thanks, Savannah–I actually searched the boards for “eagle,” but not “eaglecam…”

It’s been pretty buggy this morning…the last hour or so the screen goes black (and at one point, there was a still of a chimpanzee! I know that there’s a problem with invasive species in the Gulf Islands, but…)


Hornby Island is so beautiful. If I won the lottery I’d buy a cottage there. Except for the water. The water, oh, my great spackled tongue, the water is foul. We brushed our teeth with bottled water. Sulphurous to the max.

Ah, but to have a wee bit of island. ::wanders off dreaming::

The pair just traded places. The male flew back to the nest and much squeaking ensued (boy they are LOUD!) then they carefully traded places (revealing the two eggs) and the female flew off. It was so cool because the male got himself comfortable and situated on top of the eggs and the picked up some of the moss and stuffed it into the gaps on his side to make sure no cold air gets in.

The cooperation between the male and female is amazing! So inspiring :slight_smile:

Very cool! I just watched the changing of the guard; Pappa eagle came back from wherever he’s been dallying, and Mamma eagle chewed him out before leaving him to sit on the two eggs and flying off for her coffee klatsch or whatever.

Now he’s sitting there absent-mindedly rearranging sticks. Boy is he gonna get an earful when she gets home.