LiveJournal on the RUN! :D :D :D

If you have a paid, permanent, or early adopter account at LiveJournal, you can now post to your journal via email.

Which means that if your cell phone sends text messages/email you can make journal entries from your phone!


That feature just about made my day. I am loving it.

I almost want to go wandering off just so I can make posts from wherever I am.

But don’t you hate typing text from your phone? Lengthy text, anyways? It just takes forEVER …

I’m betting your LJ posts from your cell end up being quite short :stuck_out_tongue:

My cell phone has this cool feature where you just hit the key that has the letter on it and it uses some algorithm to figure out which letter you meant as you enter each additional letter. About 98% of the time it’s right. The rest of the time you just use the forward and back keys to choose which one you meant. It’s actually quite fast.

Do you have a Sanyo and/or Sprint PCS service? Because my phone has that T9 thing and I have no idea what it does.

on my phone it’s called iTap. Same kind of thing, though.