Does anyone on here use LiveJournal? If so,can someone PLEASE generate a code for me? I’ve been dying to use it,but without the code,I can’t.

Here you go: tk8jzaaaerrv

You would be better off eventually getting a paid account, as the servers are faster and you have access to more features. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

It won’t let me use the code! It said it had already been used…

Aww. Maybe someone here saw it and used it before you could. If so, that’s not very nice. :frowning:

I have a few codes, I’ll give you one. I’ll email you it though, so no one can read it here and use it before you can. :slight_smile:

Well, if you could give me your e-mail address (it’s not listed in your profile), that is. :smiley:

you could also go to where you don’t need a code and the color schemes are nicer

“Color schemes”? What do you mean? For your personal journal, you can have any colours you want on livejournal, even with a free account.


Um…what are the codes for?

How are they used?

To launch missiles, silly.
No, really, if you want a lj code, email

She may be able to help you get a code.

Of course, 'splain who you are and why you are asking.

I don’t necessarily want a code, I want to know why other people want codes. :wink:

LiveJournal is a service where you can have an online journal. Unfortunately there were too many people creating accounts, not using them at all and leaving them, or creating one just to flame someone else in comments (you can comment on people’s entries), and the servers were overloaded with them. So now if you want an account at LiveJournal, you need to have a code (the letters/numbers that were posted by Sapphire Bullet). People who have a free account at LJ have one code to give; people who have paid accounts have more.

The fact you have to actively find a code (by asking someone already on LJ) discourages people who would just create an account and never use it.

I have a couple hanging around, and Rhiannon1031 can have one of them, like I said. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info - I already had a LJ (from 2001) and thus was baffled as I had never heard of this.

To whoever used the code that Sapphire Bullet posted: You’re not very nice.

Poor aliceunchained. Doesn’t have any friends of his/her own to ask. Had you just emailed me I might have given you a code of your own.

Evidently, I shouldn’t have trusted the general public as I did.

If you look on your <i>Invite a Friend</i> screen, <b>Sapphire Bullet</b>, you can see who’s used any code you generated.

Nnnnrg! Gotten too used to using LiveJournal, where HTML actually works. Ah, irony…

I think that’s where he came up with aliceunchained.

Incidentally, I have one code left, if anyone wants one, just email me and put something abuot livejournal in the subject line so I don’t delete it with the spam. I’m at

I have tons of unused codes if anyone wants one. Two years of a paid subscription, and most of my friends signed up when it was free.