Live Journal Code Mooch

If this is inappropriate, I apologize. But, does anybody have a LJ code they can spare me? Pretty please? I would really appreciate it. And, once I am eligible to give out a code, I will post it here to keep the karma flowing.

Ooooohhh…I think you are gonna get slapped for this…get ready to duck!

Then again maybe I was wrong about that.

At first I Googled for “live journal code” to see what it was, and found a message for someone asking for a “code” because they didn’t want to pay for it. Naturally, I assumed this was inapropriate for this board. On further inspection I realize that it is perfectly acceptable for someone to give you a code if they have paid for it.


I thought I saw a thread like this a few weeks ago…
If I am out of line Mods, please lock this down.


AFAIK this is completely acceptable So here you go:


and one for luck


I’ve given codes to people before only for them NEVER TO USE THEM. So do not incur my wrath. Use them wisely.


Thank you so much! I used 937e4aab2vn2.
And yes, Matron, I will be creating a journal directly…:wink: :smiley:

Thanks again,

I grabbed the other one.
Thanks, Francesca!

So tell me more about Live Journal. Is it anything like a Blog? I might be interested in starting up my own. I’ve always wanted to find a reason to jot down some of my thoughts somewhere. This might just be the ticket… How do I start?

oh crap!

I want apologize to the people who sent me mail for an LJ code after I had run out. I meant to break it to you later in the day but I forgot! :smack:

I will try to get a couple more for people this week to make amends. I think I can mooch a couple from my friends :slight_smile: