I have a LiveJournal code

I do. And I’m giving it away. To whomever wants it and can utilize it first.

The code is: 4qkmgaaa78hw

This is, at present, the only code I have. So don’t bother asking for another one. Maybe some other people will share if there is any further interest, though.


Come and get it!


Wow, that went fast.

Hi there, Wendy Says!

Alas, Ryan_Liam will have to wait for the next generous person.

Out of curiosity, what’s the point of a live journal code? I’ve seen them mentioned before, but I don’t know what they’re used for.

Hey Kyla, when you sign up for LJ, how many codes do you get when you submit one for yourself? I’m just curious.

Apparently, LJ is so popular that they needed to control the amount of people signing up, so they created these codes. You can’t open a LiveJournal without a code. Which segues nicely into…

According to LJ, these are the code factors:
*** If you have a recently created account, then you are entitled to generate 1 code after you’ve had the account for a week.

  • Every month of paid time generates 1 code.

  • If you have made an acknowledged contribution to LiveJournal as a volunteer, you will receive 1 code for it.

  • For every 20 points you earn by helping in the Support center, you will receive 1 code.

  • If you have a Permanent Account, you can generate 5 new codes every month.

  • If you have an early adopter account, you have a base collection of 15 codes.

I have a paid account (it’s $5 for two months, not exactly breaking the bank), so that is where my code from. But now they’re all gone, gone, gone!

Yes, that was me. I took it! Thanks, Kyla!
I’ll be eligible for another one in a week. Anyone want dibs on it?

That will be your only one, just so you know :wink:

And anyone can get a journal without a code–you just pay $5 for 2 months. I think that if you stop paying, your account reverts to free status, rather than shutting off.

What a great idea Kyla! I’ve only given out two in my nearly 12 months there so I’ll donate the rest of my codes (minus two, I just thought of two people I want to invite). Bryan Ekers, if you don’t already have one, you are cordially invited to email me for a LJ code. You probably don’t know me but your posts have made me laugh heartily and often. I think you’d be a great addition to my friends list and the LJ community at large.

Here you go folks, don’t do anything to embarrass me.










Happy Holidays!

I second this motion.

And since it’s I Love Canadians Day (you got the memo, right?), I think that RickJay should have an LJ too.

Thank you, Sue. I took 7wq7zaaazcgk. I’ve been asking around for a while now, and now I have a LJ!!! ::big hug:: So excited! I can change from Ujournal and have more options!

Welcome nashiitashii and indyz!
p6vkeaaazcgh and 7wq7zaaazcgk are now unavailable. Please post if you’ve taken one (and which one it is) so the others don’t have to go through all of them.


You’re very welcome. There’s a bunch of us from SDMB, so look for our not-so-little community.

I used 5src2aaazcgn.
Thanks, Sue 5src2aaazcgn!

I mean, Thanks, Sue Duhnym. :smack:

I took x29p7aaazcgs. Thanks alot Sue, I’ve been looking for one, but I didn’t want to look like a beggar.

I won’t be able to update until tommorrow night. I’ll look up the dopers then. Thanks again.

Thanks, Sue. I took dp3bxaaazcgr.

Someone already pinched the name Atreyu, so my LJ username is AtreyuKin. However, I did simply enter “Atreyu” in the name field of the personal information section.

Sue, I used the name Nashiitashii on my LJ… thank you again for putting up a code. I’ve been searching for someone with extra codes for a while now… ::hugs::

While we’re “nominating” people, I’d like to see matt_mcl and Homebrew there… if any of y’all does vanity searches, come join our community!

fizzy has delegated the following codes to be used by dopers (first come first served, but I’d love to see the aforementioned two on LJ regardless of whose code they use:)):


Again, post if you’re using one:)

Thank you very much, Sue, I’ve been wondering how to get a code for a while now. I took mrerwaaazcgj.