I want a LJ, dammit!

But I need some secret handshake-code-type-thingie from a benevolent person who has one to spare…


I think I’ve got some laying around. Watch your email.

I’d like to buy a vowel! What is a LJ?

Damn. And I just gave one away too. :frowning:

LJ = LiveJournal

I thought you might have been referring to an HP LaserJet printer. Sorry, I’m keeping the one I have, but I do have a couple of old 9-pin dot matrix printers sitting around collecting dust. :smiley:

I want one too.

I use UJournal, which has a LiveJournal format, but doesn’t need a form of payment or access code to join it… if you want extra features that are an upgrade from basic LiveJournal stuff, you can pay for it as well… http://www.ujournal.org

Have fun.

The nice thing about LiveJournal is that there a lot of SDMB folk who have journals there. It can be a nice way to stay in touch and learn more about Dopers whom you admire or wish to get to know better.

I’ve got some codes, too, if anyone is interested.

Hiya Cranky, how you doing?

I made the mistake of posting that I had codes on an ezboard back in August. I ended up giving out over 200 codes before I finally had them delete the thread. I still have people emailing me because that thread shows up high in google searches. You may want to say l i v e j o u r n a l c o d e s or something. Just a warning :slight_smile:

I do always have a very small supply set aside for friends, btw.

I figured you wanted a Lip Job, in which case I say “Go see Steve Spurrier”.

Did you see the exasperated Lip Job he gave on the sidelines several weeks back? Man, I’m straight and it made me hot!


Okay, I’ve now discovered that I have the message board equivalent of B.O. but won’t somebody let me have a code for LiveJournal? Anyone? I’m willing to donate chocolate…

Oh well, if anybody needs me I’ll be here in the corner sulking.


Chocolate, you say? I have codes!

Check your email, Kal. I didn’t look back in this thread until just now.

I beat you, Cranky! HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHA!

I win.

Aha! I now have precious codes! Two of 'em! If Washte is very nice she may have one (an LJ for a BJ perhaps).

And if you two ladies would care to email your adresses to me, I shall provide you with chocolate - Your emails were 2:30 minutes apart btw.

Hehehehehehehehe…Precious codes…Mine…hehehe…precioussss…

Coincidentally, Cranky and I live extremely nearby each other. (Note the location under our usernames.) So I vote you send the chocolate TO ME and I will share.

Maybe. Hee hee.

I got a “ujournal”. woohoo. its at www.ujournal.org/~stccrd/

I have an lj… Gypsy88.

I have 4freinds.Addme. I beg you.