LiveJournal Referral Code ??

So im a little aroused by
But everytime I try using the service thru - it laughs in my face :frowning: then informs me that I need to "ask for a 12 digit referral code. :confused: Who exactly am i supposed to ask?!?!

I’d really like to try it first, to see if it’s brandiwine friendly - before I pay for the service. So If anyone is willing to tell me who’s boots I need to lick, to get one… Yaaaay I’d really appreciamatate it.

Im willing to barter :smiley: Maybe some nude shellfish photos, or playing mean tricks on your loathed ex via the internet?

Brandiwine, email me and I’ll send you a code. Nude shellfish photos should suffice as payment. :smiley: