Living in the dark ages-OR-"She was asking for it"

Damn, people like this professor make me sick.

I hope his suspension is permanent, and they ship his butt back to where he came from.

Baker, “his butt” and “where he came from” are redundant.

You don’t really want me to get all torqued up on this one do you?

Zenster, when I said he should be sent back to where he came from I was going against my actual nature. I would prefer to see him dead. So repatriation would be merciful.

I say let his ass rot in a Nebraska prison. His excuse reminded me of a line I read somewhere:

Fucking animal.

Ahhh, come on, Baker.

He’s not from here and unaccustomed to our ways. If he gets shipped home, he won’t learn about the lovely customs of the prisons in the US. Like punking out the odd prisoner.

When the big bull of the cellblock blames it on the way he was dressed, and says he lost his mind for a moment there, maybe he’ll understand a bit better why sexual assault is frowned upon.

For his own good, he’d best hope they DO send him home. He’ll upset the racial balance of any system that he’s sent to, if sentenced to do time.

What an asswipe.

[Prinks about on tippy toes squawking, “Where’s chique when she’s needed?!?”]

I really hope you’re being sarcastic.

Are you saying that it’s a good thing if society approves of rape in prison? (presumably as some sort of ‘justice’) Do you want the guards to let it happen?

And what is your definition of ‘racial balance’? :rolleyes:

I used to work at UNL… <sigh>

I’m guessing this particular fellow had a bit of difficulty in adjusting to the social norms of American society as compared to wherever in India he’s from, exacerbated by the fact that his wife’s still in India and he’s probably frustrated as hell.

That’s no excuse for sexually assaulting someone, mind you. Self-control is a requirement for civilized social interaction no matter where you are in the world. I say send him home in disgrace.

Oh good, at least one of the Offenderati showed up. It wouldn’t be the same without them. (Actually, it would, we’ll just pretend.)

Um, while this bloke has been charged with offences, he has not yet been tried on those charges so the ‘allegations’ about what he said or what she did or what he did are just that: allegations.

I find it interesting (read: disturbing) that in the US, all sorts of details about the case are released to the media before a trial has taken place. Such information is not available to the public here in Aus until such a time as the accused has been found guilty of said crimes. It not only prejudices any judicial findings, but even if the guy is found to be completely innocent of the crimes, his name will be forever blackened.

Same in my country, kambuckta.

As for the “offenderati” remarks: am I the only one who’s a little disturbed by the undercurrent I sense here (mainly in thatDDpersons’s post), in that it seems to imply sexual assault is somehow more accepted in India?

The guy -allegedly- fucked up. Try him, punish him. If the legal ramifications mean he needs to be repatriated, fine. But I don’t see what good remarks about his ethnicity or jail rape do, especially when uttered in the same breath as remarks about how wrong the sexual assault was.

“Ooh! He groped a girl! I hope a big fat guy rams it up his ass in prison, then he’ll understand why our values are so much better than his!”

God, the sheer stupidity of it all.

anyone else see the irony of Zenster chastising Baker for using “where he came from” and then calling other people Offenderati? I doubt Zenster will, I’m sure he’s full of the Righteous Anger anyway.

Who need Kangaroo coursts anyway?

Coldfire, I am VERY pleased to hear that there is at least one other country in the world that gives people the presumption of innocence. :smiley:

It seems that we backward communities of Europe and Australasia might have the upper hand when it comes to basic (legal) human rights. Revealing names of the accused AND the ‘alleged’ details of the crimes is an infringement of the most fundamental of our liberties. Trial-by-Media is one of the most damnable things, and many innocent people have found themselves without defence after the public has ripped them to shreds (as we have seen in this very thread!!)

It’s rather a shame that the Leading Light of Civilization (the US) doesn’t share the same principles. One is left to wonder just how civilized the US actually is.


Twisty. I took Zenster’s comment as that the accused had ‘come from his OWN butt’ which would have made ‘where he came from’ and ‘sending him back’ therefore redundant.

But maybe I’m wrong.

Sounds like the dude has zero game.

I just don’t get how some people can not only tolerate but even hope that rapes could take place in jails. For some reasons, I assumed that punishments had to be decided by courts following the rule of law, and not by inmates, and that rape was a crime wich had to be strongly punished rather than encouraged. But it seems I just didn’t really understand the american justice system and laws…:rolleyes:

Europe?? Unfortunately, my country, despite being European, isn’t backward at all, and details about the crimes and the identity of the accused person can be freely disclosed by the medias before and during the trial.

Ah, your explination makes more sense.

Zenster is still an idiot, though.

I was going to say “yes, in some communities” based on a wide range of people I’ve spoken to and stories I’ve read (having been a counselor working with a significant number of Indian students, keeping up on cultural and attitude differences is part of the job). Indeed, India has only really begun to formalize and seriously enforce sexual assault laws in the last decade or so, particularly in rural areas and where the case in question is not black-and-white (although they appear to be trying to make up for lost time).

That being said, most of the cites I came across while Googling “sexual assault” and “India” also pointed out the high rates of sexual assault in the US. In this interview by the News India-Times with Dr. Rahul Sharma, director of Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention at Chicago University, Dr. Sharma expresses the unequivocal view that the problem is not cultural:

As such, I stand corrected and will rephrase my statement:

If found guilty, he should be, at the very least, deported and barred from entering the US. AND he’s a jerk.