Living on my own for first time

In less then 2 weeks I move out of my parents house and move to Lincoln to start university. So I’ll be living on my own for the first time. Well okay, not on my own, in a house with 5 other students. Any one got any tips or advice?

My boyfriend and I will also be doing the long distance thing. Any one got ay advice or tips for that?

Do I have any advice? Hell yeah! Never, absolutely NEVER let your parents come around to visit. Man, sharing a pad during university is a rite of passage. By default, you should be allowed to live as filthily and as bohemian as possible. shitloads of unwashed dishes; parties every night; used bongs all over the coffee tables; full ashtrays all over the place - it’s all part of the university experience.

You should ask your parents to keep your room at home perfectly “as is” - and here’s why… there will come a time, maybe 6 months from now, maybe 9 months, when you’ll simply want to escape and return to your perfectly lovely, quiet, pampered parental roots - and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Your parents will be keen as mustard to have you come home for a weekend. And you’ll be reminded of how lovely it is to have cleanliness, and peacefulness in your life.

But then you’ll go back to uni and party on some more. And you’ll oscillate between the two. And it’s perfectly normal. But don’t let your parents visit your bohemian alter life - they’ll go sick with worry.

As for you and your boyfriend doing the long distance thing? Geez, he must have a long schlong! :smiley:

Well he doesn’t like to brag, but… :wink:

Some great advice there, thanks. Unfortunatly the not changing the room thing won’t work, as they’re moving too in a few months. So one of these days when I come home to visit I’ll have a completly new room!

If you have a problem with anything one of your housemates does, talk it through with that housemate, in private, at the earliest possible opportunity. Do NOT let things fester and do not, under any circumstances, complain to another housemate behind the first housemate’s back.

Had my hallmates and I known this when we started college, it would have saved everybody a great deal of pain and angst.

Don’t be the one who bitches and complains about everything. Expect a certain amount of roomates borrowing your shit, eating your food or skipping their chores.

Yeah. That’s not going to last very long.

How long distance are we talking about? 2 hour drive? 10 hour flight? That can change a LOT.

For the moving thing–have fun, try not to let things with the roommates build. If they are doing something that bugs you, either get over it or talk to them. Don’t let things build up to the point of explosive arguments!
For the long distance thing…I don’t know how far away you and your boyfriend will be but when I moved away to college (about a 6 hour drive), my boyfriend and I made a point to see eachother at least once every couple of months (he’d fly up for the weekend or I’d fly down). I think we actually saw eachother for short weekends here an there about once a month on average. Also, email and instant messaging are great free ways to keep in touch. Long phone calls are great too…but the bills add up! He eventually just moved in with me after two years of doing the long distance thing…so it CAN work. Don’t force it to work if it isn’t happening though.

That’s harsh.

I think its about a 2 hour train journey. (Neither of us can drive, never mind actually owning a car. lol)