Living while black in America

Don’t give up on this yet. It’s true they weren’t shot down, but it looks like some of them may end up serving time. That they weren’t arrested on the spot may have been a logistical issue (or maybe not) but federal authorities are out there looking for them and making arrests. The percentage of arrests will almost certainly be small, but we can hope some of the most prominent and destructive will suffer for their crimes.

Don’t discount being woke, it just means you’re not asleep any more and your eyes are open. Sounds like you have moved in that direction recently. By the way, 49 isn’t even remotely old.

We have just had someone straight out say on these boards that they were wrong, not just about a matter of detail, but about an entire underlying worldview.

That’s rare enough that I don’t think we should be jumping on the person who did so. Such behavior – both the changing of minds based on further evidence, and the admitting to it – should be encouraged, not discouraged.