Living with disabled loved one? Help, please

I know I’m not the only Doper who is dealing with a loved one with a disability. Lately, it’s been very difficult to deal with. I’ve looked for support groups locally, but haven’t had any luck, so I’m going to turn to the online world.

Does anyone have any online resources they recommend for dealing with disability as a caregiver, etc? Books, groups, message boards, anything you’ve used and liked would be very helpful. The random “attagirl” would be nice, too, but I won’t press my luck.

I feel for you - being a caregiver for a disabled person is one of the most stressful things a person can do. Have you contacted your local hospitals or churches to see if they have any respite care programs? Having time to yourself, for yourself, is necessary. I don’t know of any on-line support groups at the moment, but if I hear/read about anything I will let you know.

I believe my e-mail address is in my profile, if you would like someone to vent to. Sometimes it does help just to be able to talk out some of the stress.

I wish the best for you - sending happy thoughts your way.


In my household, I am the disabled loved one. My husband does almost all the chores (except the cooking). He takes care of me when I’m too feeble to get out of bed. He cleans up bodily fluids that come out unexpectedly. He’s the main reason I’m still alive.

I can’t offer any Internet resources, but I do have a mighty heartfelt “attagirl” for you.

another attagirl from me.

momentary fits of weakness is only humanity poking through. it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

what you do speaks volumes about your character. at least i appreciate what you do.

ATTAGIRL!!!iMy mother lives with me after a disabling stroke. She is almost back to where she was, pre-illness, but there were some times that were utterly heartbreaking for me. In perspective, I’d do it 100 times over. I didn’t have any support groups, but she could cope a little bit in my short absences, so I wasn’t overly worn out. Ergo, if your situation can accomodate it, don’t use outside help.
God Bless you in your adventure.

There’s at least one magazine, Today’s Caregiver, for people who care for their loved ones at home. (I’ve only flipped through an issue or two - I’m a periodicals librarian and it’s one that we get.) It does get a decent amount of use; evidently people find it helpful.