Living XL(oL)

It’s kinda strange how old SDMB threads can end up tying together into a neat little package. Add:

1 part Trade Publications Sent To The Office
1 part Inability To Find Pants Long Enough
Stir in a few fellow employees who pay no mind to addressee confidentiality

…And come up with a magazine that was hand delivered to my desk today called Living XL.

Seeing that you never know what kind of mailing lists you’ll end up on, I guess it serves me right having internet purchases sent to my business address. Not only was a new copy of Living XL hand delivered (as opposed to being thrown into my inbox), it was the main shop talk topic all day. I had no idea there were so many (hmmm, I do I phrase this inoffensively) “unique” products designed for the XL crowd. Left-handed scissors I understand. It’s just some of these (over-priced & oversized) items definitely fall into the stranger-than-fiction category…[ul][li]A $90 Automatic Golf Tee & Ball Setter: Eliminating the need to bend down to tee up[/li][li]A $13 Sock Aid: Only available in white - so keep those feet clean[/li][li]A $270 Bathroom Scale: With a 1,000# capacity[/li][li]A $55 Curved Shower Rod: To virtually eliminate curtain creep[/li][li]A $10 Leg Lifter Strap: To get those tired hooves off the floor and into the bed[/li][li]A $20 Hangerzilla Brand Clothes Hanger: With the 100# capacity. I guess it’s main purpose is to hang up a size XXXXXL leather jacket that’s accidentally dropped in the ocean[/ul]It’s just a matter of time Madison Ave. gets wind of these products, and puts together a “joining a gym, priceless” Mastercard commercial.[/li]
Stupid, pampered Americans.

I love how none of the models are anywhere near morbidly obese that they would need any of those products.

I like the curtain rod! I love Hotels that have something similar.

In a large number of residential bathrooms, the toilet is usually right next to the tub. I could just imagine the havoc young boys and drunk male guests could wreak on the curtain’s outer side.

I won’t begrudge anyone their shower rod, just don’t come anywhere near me with one of LXL’s 62" umbrellas.

She looks like she weighs in at 120# sopping wet.