Liz Phair and Hilary Duff

I was at work yesterday and the song “Why Can’t I” began playing on the radio. This lead to a discussion and my friend’s insistence that the singer was Hilary Duff. I told him it was Liz Phair but he refused to believe me. He finally insisted on betting me lunch.

Now I know that it was Liz Phair who wrote and performed that song and I know it was her singing it on the radio. But to remove any last hope from him, I was looking to see if Hilary Duff ever released a cover of the song. As far as can tell, she didn’t but does anyone know for certain?

For those unfamiliar with the song, here’s the video.

Liz Phair’s ASCAP listing shows her as the only listed performer of Why Can’t I- the listings usually list all of the artists that have recorded a particular song. Having heard Hilary Duff sing, I must say that she has a higher-pitched voice than Hilary Duff does. Here’s one of Hilary’s most well-known songs for comparison. Neat video, by the way- I’ve never heard of the artist, song, or video, so thanks for the link.

Plus I have a hard time thinking Duff would cover a song about two people who are planning on cheating on their current partners. Or sing the line “Here we go, we’re at the beginning. We haven’t fucked yet, but my heads spinning.”