Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan

Does anyone know what the liquor laws are since the city is in 2 different provinces? In Alberta the drinking age is 18 and all the liquor stores are privatly run while in Saskatchewan it’s 19 and retail liquor sales are a provincial monopoly

"I’m not sure how it would work in Canada, but here in the US there would actually be two different cities legally (Like Kansas City MO and KC Kansas. Each state’s laws apply to the establishments in their state.

I’ve never stopped in Lloyd long enough to determine the nature of liquor sales there, but I’d imagine the relevant provincial regulations are in effect depending on which side of the line you’re on. So one would imagine all the bars would be on the west side of town.

Nitpick: In Saskatchewan beer and wine can be sold as “offsale” out of bars, which sometimes have out and out beer stores attached to them for this purpose.

Old Guy has it about right I think.

I think that is the case in Alberta as well.

Actually he doesn’t. The City of Lloydminster is a single municipality spanning both provinces. That much I know. I don’t know how respective provincial regulations are divied up.

If I remember correctly, the Saskatchewan laws apply on the Saskatchewan side, and the Alberta laws on the Alberta side. Drinking age in Saskatchewan is 19, Alberta is 18.

I’ll call my brother later and ask him. He lives there.

One city, two provinces. Special legislation by both provinces that it has one municipal code approved by both provinces. Sask is upgrading its legislation presently. Here is the Sask bill (soon to be an Act: http://www.gov.sk.ca/newsrel/releases/2004/06/07-340.html . Here is the recently updated Alta Act: http://www.qp.gov.ab.ca/documents/Acts/L19.cfm?frm_isbn=0779702395

Whoops, wrong link. Here is the Sask bill that is soon to be an Act: http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/bills/PDFs/bill-71.pdf

When they amalgamated in 1930, the answer was homebrew. :smiley:


(I don’t know what the answer is today.)