Lloyds hanging from clocks! (feel free to add any random BTTF / Safety Last comments)

Just watched Back to the Future again for the first time in a while.

Although, I’ve seen it a bazillion times this was the first time that it struck me: As I watched Christopher Lloyd hanging from the clock I made the connection (don’t know whether or not Zemeckis thought of it) that here was Christopher Lloyd hanging from a clock, much the same way that Harold Lloyd hung from a clock 62 years earlier (or 32 years earlier, depending on how you’re counting).

If anyone else can provide any other examples of Lloyds hanging from clocks, you win a donkey!

I actually had more to say when I sat down to write the OP but I knew the Boards were going to shut down any minute so I had to finish in a hurry.
Here’s another thing I only noticed for the first time on this viewing: many of Marty’s actions in 1955 result in changes to the reality of 1985, most of these are very obvious- in fact, I thought all of them were very obvious until this most recent viewing- but here’s one very subtle one:

Marty meets Doc at the Twin Pines Mall where Doc unviels the Time Machine.
Doc mentions that the entire area that is now the mall used to be Old Peabody’s Farm and that Peabody used to have a dream of breeding Pine Trees.

more foreshadowing
After crashing into Old Peabody’s barn in 1955 Marty is chased off by the rifle-weilding Peabody.
He recklessly drives off, speeding through the property in the Velorian and crashing through the entry from the main road.
As Marty crashes through we see the Peabody Family’s welcome sign that says “Twin Pines Ranch” which is right next to two pine trees standing side by side.
Marty destroys one of the trees in an act of vehicular arborcide as we hear Old Peabody yelling at him for doing so.

payoff at the end of the movie
Marty returns to the mall to warn Doc about the terrorists.
The sign in front of the mall now reads “Lone Pine Mall”[/SPOILER]

Wow! Beautiful! Just beautiful! And it took me 19 years to notice this!
(Oh my God! This movie’s almost twenty years old? That can’t be true! :eek: )

Can anybody else point out any subtle differences between beginning-of-the-movie-1985 and end-of-the-movie-1985??? Point out one that I never noticed and you win a donkey!

Oh, and the other thing I must always mention after watching this movie:
Crispin Glover is SO AWESOME!!!

I got the Twin Pines/Lone Pine thing the first time I watched it, but whenever I point it out to other people, no one else has ever noticed it.
I think it’s really obvious (when Marty runs up to the mall in both the old and new 1985), and the sign is there, but I guess not everyone looks at it.

You do know that the teacher who tells Marty and his band that they’re “just too darn loud” is actually Huey Lewis, who did the “Back to the Future” theme song?

That I knew- but i didn’t know it all along. I’m not sure when in the last 19 years I learned it / figured it out, but I’ve known for a while.

I note the pride with which you share you Twin Pines awareness. I wonder, were you 10 when you first saw it? Cause I was 10. (Though I must admit I haven’t been constantly 10 for the past 19 years- just kinda “on and off”. Although, I’m usually 10 when I watch this particular movie. :slight_smile: )

I hope I wasn’t coming off as snide… I just got it… as in, “Hey, look! Now it’s the Lone Pine Mall! It was the Twin Pines Mall before - because Marty ran over a pine tree when he drove out of the farmer’s barn.”
I just noticed the big mall sign in both scenes when Marty came up to it and looked down on the parking lot. I tend to notice little things like that.

Was I ten when I first saw it? Yeah, right. :stuck_out_tongue:
It came out in 1985, right? I was 21. Damn, now I feel old.

I noticed the Twin Pines/Lone Pine thing on my first viewing as well. I was twelve.
I can’t think of any other subtle changes off the top of my head, but I plan on re-watching BttF sometime in the next couple of days, so I’ll post again if I notice anything.

My question: Which is worse- * Back to the Future II* or Back to the Future III?
(I’ve always found the third to be more watchable, but I don’t know if that makes it a better movie.)

It’s taken me 19 years of viewing to noticed the Mall thing and foxymoron noticed it on thie first viewing at age 12! I am dense. :smack:

BiblioCat I didn’t think you were being snide. I was just trying to save face but I don’t think I’ll be able to pull that off now that foxymoron has chimed in.

I like III better too. There’s lots of great stuff in II but it’s definitely the weakest in the series. The segments in 2015 and the altered 1985 kinda go overboard in the “wacky stuff” department. Surprisingly, it’s the time period that had already been done before that was the best part of the movie, the 1955 stuff (and since this is the last segment the viewer at least can count on the film ending on a solid note). Intertwining the new movie plot with the old movie plot (and footage), worked really well.

III is just good fun entertainment from start to finish, much more consistently entertaining than II. Michael J. Fox is a bit cheesy playing his Irish great grandfather but, mercifully, that character’s scenes are few and brief. Oh, and this one’s got Mary Steenburgen (no shots of her bare ass like in Life as a House, but it’s Mary Steenburgen none the less).

Interesting side note: My spell check has no problem with “Steenburgen”- I was surprised!

Here’s the IMDB Trivia Page for Safety Last, in case anyone’s interested. Harold Lloyd get more points than Christopher Lloyd. Christopher Lloyd had the use of all ten fingers when hanging from the clock. Harold Lloyd only had eight!

Anyone know if Zemeckis was deliberately paying homage, or do we think it was just a coincidence?