Lo, Damn Ye Vile Software That Knows Not My Name...

------because when I search by my own username, nothing comes up.
Is it too short?
(my username, that is)
(and shut up)

  • MC

Yep, you need at least three characters to do a search.


There’s a bug (feature?) in the search function that requires three characters to work.


I wonder if it’s a symptom of the days when the staff used to urge us to use the search feature sparingly because of the drain on resources.

If somebody did an “All Forums” search on a word like “if” or “as” or “to”, it would probably return thousands of threads, and tie up a lot of ‘resources’.
It’s not like there are a whole lot of two-letter words that would be really useful in a search.

      • Yea, but, -I’m special.
  • I guess I gotta change it now, but I rather like the direction this has taken: “…a poster of legendary enlightenment, whose words of wisdom (-as great thinkers of other ages) have become lost in the mists of time…” - MC

You just defined your perfect new name, with three characters…


I doubt it’s a local choice at all. It’s pretty common in all word search programs, not on the web but on non-web PC’s too.

MC - you may already be aware of this, but if you change your username, your old posts will be displayed with the new name, but they will still be indexed under your old name. Thus, you still can’t search for your old posts by username.

That still beats what he’s got if he doesn’t change.