Lo! How the mighty have fallen.

A group picture of Billy Graham 95th birthday celebration from two days ago.

Words fail me.

Apparently so.

Next time bring some content.

Yeah, user_hostile, what kind of lazy suck-ass fucked-up effort is this?

It’s a picture of an old man, surrounded by some other old men and younger people who are, presumably, family.

I don’t get it. Maybe old people make the OP angry??

Hmm. Figured everyone understood the context. My bad.

But I’ll let Fred Clark do the talking:

None of the mighty in that picture have fallen. All of them are either standing or sitting.

1965 called, they want their insight back.

No one doing the bunny ears? Fail.

I recognize Palin, Trump, and Rick Warren standing off to the side, and Rupert Murdoch is helpfully weaing a nametag, but I have no idea who the rest of these people are.

What’s the “scoop” here? That some relatively famous people posed for pictures with an old man on his birthday?

I don’t get it.

Lame OP. Yeah, Billy Graham got old. Yeah, a lot of his “friends” are extremely right-wing Republicans, but surprisingly enough, Graham himself is and has always been a Democrat. Also, he’s not silent- he can still speak. What he can not do is stand, so he sits.

I know all of these things because he lives close to me, and the local news constantly fellated his birthday celebration on every news broadcast for several days. The only distasteful thing to me about it was how they trumpeted so proudly that Sarah Palin was going to be there, as if that was a good thing and something to be proud of.

Graham’s the only one in the picture who’s not smiling (or trying to and failing like Murdoch), which considering the company isn’t too surprising.

If Obama is going to drone strike Americans, here was his opportunity.

look how many people he has in his closet.

So who are all the people in the photo? I can identify Donald and Melania Trump, Sarah and Todd Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, and NC governor Pat McCrory. The guy in the military uniform is Graham’s grandson Edward. Who are the others?

Those are the potential GOP candidates for president in 1016.

Sorry, ‘fallen’ is nowhere evident in that photo. ‘Old’, now…

That picture makes me feel like having an abortion.

You can see the large crowd in the background. Probably one of many pics that were taken that day. Maybe one of the lamest Pits ever. Even in this echo chamber you need to bring more than a picture of Palin posing for a picture.

Although Rupert Murdoch wearing a name tag is pretty funny.

Or at least post the one where Graham and Murdoch were lip-locked.