Lobster Help (Cooked and Frozen)

Hi Guys-

My dad gave me 4 large lobsters to take back home with me when I went home to Boston for a meeting. They were previously super fresh and have been boiled in salt water and frozen for about 4 or 5 days.

Not sure what to do with them or how to reconstitute them properly given that they are already cooked. Do I thaw them out to get at the meat or try to crack the shells while frozen (if it’s even possible)?

I think eating them thawed but straight like a fresh lobster (with butter) is probably out of the question…I’ve been thinking about putting them in a Malabar style curry.

Help! Advice on what to do with these guys would be appreciated. I want to get rid of them quickly as they are taking up space in the freezer right now and I’m not sure they can spend a lot of time in there.

My guess is that the texture is gone, after being frozen, and you won’t want to eat them straight up, or even in very large chunks (e.g. lobster roll). Are they wrapped in something air-tight (foil, heavy plastic)? If so, then being frozen for a few more days won’t make things any worse. If not, then either defrost soon, or wrap them.

Me, I would thaw them in the fridge (so they never get too warm), probably pull the tail off as soon as unfrozen enough for it to be possible (just to make sure nothing oozes onto it from the body cavity), then extract the meat and use it in lobster bisque or some other lobster-flavored dish.

You can eat them straight with butter if you want. I have done it a bunch of times and so do other people. They won’t be quite as good as freshly cooked but they should still be plenty good enough. Just boil a big pot of water and drop them in but only for a couple of minutes to reheat them.