Local Area Network Problem Within Windows XP

I can normally connect to the internet successfully but this problem usually arises after I have done so. It sometimes happens locally but not as often.

I will be merrily posting on this board when a message appears, like so:

Local area Connection 2 - a network cable is unplugged.

Looking at the ADSL modem icon I note that it has turned yellow (State = training).

Whether I ‘x’ the message or just leave it, a few seconds later the modem icon reverts to green (normal) while the network icon tells me it is trying to acquire a network address. This carries on for a minute or two then the network icon disappears and I can resume posting.

I am sure this circumstance is causing disconnections from the internet which sometimes occur shortly after the message appears.

(This used to happen also with Local Area Connection (1) but I have disabled that succesfully and it is no longer a problem.)

I have looked at previous threads on this subject but my problem seems to differ slightly. The fault is intermittent (I can use the system for days on end without seeing this message at all) and on the days it does happen I can use the system for hours before it starts to happen.

The computer stands alone i.e. it is not part of a local network.

Any ideas?
PS. While writiing this post I was disconnected following 5 or 6 occurrences of the problem in about 20 minutes.

My feeling is that it’s more likely to be the other way round - that your disconnections from the internet are causing this problem. I’ve seen it happen on a flaky phone line, when the ADSL modem would intermittently disconnect and reconnect every few minutes, resetting itself each time. The problem is that on most home networks, the moment the DSL modem resets itself, the computers think there’s nothing at the other end of the cable, and that’s why you get the “Network cable unplugged” message. The moment the modem comes back up, it sends a “Hey, I’m here!” message down the cable, and the computer goes “Ah ha! Let me try to acquire a network address”. Then the modem connects, and all is well - until the line is dropped again.

I’d investigate the phone line; you possibly have a loose connection, or something else causing noise on the line, making the modem drop the connection.

Oops, forgot to add: Even if the computer is not connected to any other computer, it’s still part of a network, which consists of the ADSL modem and the computer. Small network, but network nonetheless. :wink:

I understand your explanation but I have a supplementary question before I do as you advise.

The problem sometimes occurs locally i.e. when I fire up the system from scratch the message will still appear.

Is this circumstance consistent with your view of the problem?

Many thanks.

Absolutely. You might just catch the modem when it’s resetting. I was trying to set up a DSL line in a friend’s place where the line was so noisy we couldn’t get a stable connection for more than a few seconds - the modem would spend about 90% of its time in the “training” mode, and almost the moment it connected, it would be back in training. If we turned on the computer, more often than not it would complain about unplugged cables, then find a network address, only to lose it in a few seconds.

Excellent. Thank you for your advice.