Local calls--Can they trace these?

This is hypothetical. I’m not doing it.

If I make a simple, harrassing phone call to a neighbor who cut down a tree on my property, called him an SOB, but pressed *69 so his caller ID didn’t know who I was, is that call recorded anywhere? I don’t mean the date/time. I mean is that conversation recorded? I’m sure it’s not. I know HE could have a recording of it, but can that conversation(other than HIS recording of it) be retrieved by the authorities? The phone company certainly didn’t record it.

Please don’t take this off topic. It’s just a simple question. I think.

I don’t even own any trees or property or a house. K?

The date/time, and also the calling number IS recorded. However, the conversation itself isn’t.

Note that it would be possible by various ways to call from a phone number where the caller couldn’t be identified from that number. Most obvious way is use a payphone. Another would be to use a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid cell phones can be anonymous. Just buy phone with cash, and refill cards with cash.

Hmmm. I’ll match your hypothetical with my related hypothetical.

What happens if I accidentally hit *69 when calling emergency rescue personnel to complain of unbearable stomach cramps–and then fall unconscious before I can give name, address, etc. ?

IOW, when person A hits *69 and calls person B who has caller ID on his/her phone system, person B can’t discern who is calling or what person A’s telephone number is.

Question is: Do the emergency rescue folks have a more powerful system that essentially nullifies a caller’s *69 and allows them to see who is calling?

The *69 system is entirely separate from the ANI system, which is what the 911 people use. (In fact it was invented for the operators of 800-numbers, and then the 911 people realized it would be useful.) Anyway, you can’t turn the ANI stuff off.

To add to the above answers: The phone switch creates call-logs for all of the calls regardless of the *69 setting. Dialing *69 just tells the phone switch not to pass your calling number on to the other party.

The LEO dispatcher taking the call knows where you are. It’s the point of the Enhanced 911 project that rolled out in the late 90’s, early 2000’s (aughts? 00’s?)

the *69 only affects the “Caller ID” functionality.