Local Chicago theatre company is running our annual fundraiser

Posted with permission.

Terra Mysterium is a Chicago-based performance company that creates interactive works of theatre, music, and ritual performance that immerse the audience in a world rich with mythology and meaning. Since 2008 we have been creating these original theatrical works of wonder with the goal of culture creation.

Thanks to the support of our friends and fans we had a successful Indiegogo campaign last year which funded our Chicago Fringe Festival entry The Alembic: An Alchemical Steampunk Fantasy and our fall horror-themed experience In the Observarium at the Chopin Theatre’s Victorian Cabaret Lounge. This allowed us to use funds from ticket sales to produce a studio recording and music video for our first single, In the Observarium.

Because of this support we are, for the first time, in the position to rent performance space at the Athenaeum Theatre, which provides us additional marketing support and reach by virtue of being one of the better known historic theatre buildings in Chicago. This year we are looking to add even more exciting elements to two wonderful new productions – The Lion and the Serptent, at the Athenaeum, will feature animations and light mapping, as well as a touring production *The Clockwork Prince *-- and, as a stretch goal, two more music videos. In addition to these artistic projects we will incorporate this year as a non-profit theatre company with the intent to achieve a 501 (c)(3) status in the near future. Both these actions will help to make Terra Mysterium a sustainable troupe.

We’re in the second week of our annual fundraising campaign, and have just reached a 5th of our goal! We have just about four weeks left, and would deeply appreciate any help. Donations come with fun perks (including a walk-on role in an upcoming production); and if you are not able to donate, simply sharing the campaign with friends and family is a great help as well. During last year’s campaign we received many anonymous donations from outside our circle and we know that this was because supporters passed word on to their friends.

Check out our Indiegogo campaign.

And if you are local to Chicago, feel free to check out our fall show, too! Tickets can be purchased at the Athenaeum Theatre website.

Also, meet Ranty Wilberforce, the POV character in the show. :slight_smile:

We’ve just hit our goal, thank you everyone! But it’s not over yet – we’ve got 8 days left, and we’d love to reach our stretch goals. Please share our fundraiser, because every dollar over goal will allow us to do more amazing and cool things. Want another music track and music video? Want to help us pay our lawyer for our 501©3 non-profit status – which means we can apply for grants? Help us meet our stretch goals and keep our momentum going!

Terra Mysterium 2013 fundraiser.