Local Election Guides

So I figured since I’m voting for President this year, I might as well try to become a little bit educated about the local stuff on the ballot as well. Only, google no helpy. I did find a site for:

Illinois Judicial Candidates

which took me all of 5 minutes to read through the 3 or 4 positions that actually have more than one candidate, so yay. But nothing on referendums, and I know there’s at least one School Board referendum that Mom wants me to vote no to (something about taking away teacher’s pensions?), but I’d like to find out more about it, and if there’s anything else I should know about before showing up on the 4th.

I’ve avoided voting nearly every year because I think an uininformed vote is ethically reprehensible. So anyone have any good information for me? Or for others, in other states?

I’m in Chicago, Illinois, but feel free to link to other cities or states’ local races coming up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to learn more.

Issues/propositions are usually explained pretty thoroughly in the voter’s pamphlet. I get one for the state and one for the city/county. Don’t you get those? Or can you borrow your mother’s?

ETA: your local election office can probably help you get the voter’s pamphlet(s) for your area.

Good to know. No, I didn’t get one, although I registered the last day of regular registration, so maybe it’s in the mail. I just got my card on Friday, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Your local city/town hall should also have them. Possibly your library, as well.

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My issue is not with getting the generic information about propositions and candidate’s statesments – the official voter information pamphlets sent to us has that. Rather, I’d like to know where I can read more detailed opinions about why one should vote one way or another on some of those local issues. Who is the best person for the local water board? How should I vote on this city proposition? I live in a smallish suburb within a large metro area, and these local election issues get no coverage at all in the media.


Illinois Voter Guide

Thanks for finding that. It has at least the names and some bios for the people running for state congress, so now I’ve got that. But still nothing on referendums. I was really hoping for some sort of “The Illinois Ballot For Dummies” comprehensive list, but I guess no one’s that interested in the local stuff. :frowning:

look up the League of Women Voters and find the local branch. They usually put out some good guidelines about candidates and other issues. Here in Dallas, they included web sites that discuss the pro’s and con’s of the referendums.

Brilliant! Yes, lots of what I’m looking for! You rock!

League of Women Voters Education Fund: Vote411.org

When I go to this web site, I get the wrong county propositions.