Do you get a Voters' Guide/Pamphlet?

I have only ever voted in Washington State.
Every election (general, primary, special levy, etc.) the government sends in the mail the state & local voters’ guides. For initiatives & resolutions, etc. it has the full text of the thing being voted on, a statement for, a statement against, and a rebuttal of the statement for. For all of the offices, the candidates send in statements saying who they are, what they stand for, what they plan to do with their office. ( Here’s the electronic version from the primaries and an example of the referendum on the ballot this year ) This is every office from President to School Board. Now that we vote by mail, the guide usually shows up a few days before ballots do. But even before then, the guide showed up a few weeks before election day to give you plenty of time to read through it and decide what you were going to vote on before the election.

Until this morning, I had thought that this was universal across the country and every state did this as part of running an election. But - it’s not? Does your state do this or something similar?
If not, how do you get basic information about ballot topics?

Did not receive a recommendation letter from either party that I recall of, but then I throw out most election related mailings (OK, all of them).

In Michigan we have a non-Partisan portion of the ballot which includes judges, school district representatives and others. Most of these had things like pick three of the three candidates for the position, but a few had real choices. I had to go online and review the individuals before I filled in my mail in ballot. Which i another reason to mail in ballots, you have time to review your choices instead of standing there in a booth scratching your head.

I took my ballot down to the Clerk of Courts office BTW.

When I lived in California, I used to receive a voter’s guide in the mail. Now that I live in Ohio, nope; I have to look up everything online.

I actually didn’t get a voters pamphlet this time, and I can’t recall the last time that happened when I was registered to vote (in Oregon). Was worried if I’d get my ballot but that arrived as scheduled.

I haven’t seen one here in a long time. They were put out by the League of Women Voters, but the LWV now puts them online.

posting from Canada; we have a provincial election going on right now. We never get a voter’s guide, because our ballot is so simple: the candidates for our local riding, with their party affiliation; pick one and only one.

Here in Colorado, I use the “blue book” when I vote. I think every state I’ve lived in has sent one. Never gave it any thought until now.

In Nevada we do get a booklet explaining the ballot questions; it’s very helpful.