Anywhere to find ballots for specific states?

Is there a site that lists each state’s ballot for tomorrow? I was poking around the local paper’s site and didn’t see anything. I assume they’ll have one tomorrow, but being so late, maybe they won’t. My wife likes to see it in advance so she knows what to look for and can get in and out quickly.

That info is probably at the secretary of states website for your particular state.
For example, Minnesota’s is here:
I enter my zip code and address and it tellls me my voting locationb and candidates (tho it is missing municipal

just google <state name> secretary of state


Most states send registered voters a sample ballot about a week in advance of the election.

You can’t ask for a “state ballot”, however. They’re different in each voting district. In fact, my ballot is different from that of the people across the street from me because they live in a different ward of New Haven and are electing a different alderman.

Duh! :smack: I think it’s election fatigue. That was an obvious one I should have caught.

We don’t get sample ballots. I mentioned in another thread we’re the only state that doesn’t have voter registration. Guess I’ll just have to, um, help her out. :wink:

Try this site on MSN, though you will have to click on each state individually.

You’d probably have to go district by district, because they ballot is going to vary depending on which offices you’re voting for. For example, my ballot (northeaster Fairfax County, VA) showed President, Congress, a couple state constitutional amendments, and a couple bond questions. If I got a mile to the north, I’d be in Alexandria and they’d have the Prez, the same Congressional race, and the constiutional questions, but not the bonds; in addition, they’d have some municipal races that I don’t have.