Coming soon: Google tells you where to vote

Right now, entering your address will get you a map of your house as well as links to your state’s voter information site. Soon the map will contain data about your polling place as well. Watch this space.

For a second I thought that said ‘Google tells you what to vote’.

Resistance is futile.

It’s a week late; I don’t see the point.

I can find my polling place just fine. What I really need and can’t find anywhere, is what and who will actually be on my ballot, ahead of time so I can research my vote. The major elections are obvious, but not the smaller and local ones, nor the various propositional issues.

Here in California, we are mailed Sample Ballots some weeks before the election. They contain the listings of all candidates in all races that we will be voting on, texts of all propositions, etc., as well as the location of our local polling place.

Do you not have something similar in New York?

Actually, for the 'states, I do see a point. For our elections, I entered my postal code at the Elections Canada website which showed me where I was voting and who I could vote for. A few hours later, I went to the page totalling election results to check how poor the vote turnout was (pretty bad, as expected), found out my riding had a surprise NDP win, and went to bed.

A few minutes searching gets me what seems to be the U.S. counterpart at, but it doesn’t seem nearly as helpful. Are U.S. federal elections run independently at a state level or something?

When are they starting that service? It’s such a time-saver! :stuck_out_tongue:

States run elections according to federal regulations, but there are also state and local races on the same ballots. Local boards of elections determine things like polling places.

I vote in the same place every election, so there’s no need for that information for me. However, I’m passing that along to various friends who might want to pass it along for people who do need it.


Well, Google will tell you when to vote.

All we get here is a postcard reminding us where our polling place is.